The City- A G2 Story

Onuas 12th

When you live in the greatest city in the world, you’re bound to hear some stories. The great and wise elders of our city always tell tales of how long ago the six toa descended from the heavens and saved our island home from destruction, defeating the ancient Makuta, brother of Ekimu, the mask maker. They tell of how once our now prosperous city was nothing but a ruin, overrun with creatures beyond our wildest imaginations. They spin tales of Umarak, the Hunter, and Kulta, the Skull Basher.

Personally, I think it’s a whole bunch of baloney.

To start, I know that we still wear the six heroes’ colors as a reminder of their supposed accomplishments, but even if the toa descended upon us, we wouldn’t need them. Today I went to the invention festival, where there were so many amazing things that could have sent Makuta back to the shadow realm in seconds. There were the obligatory crazy-okotans who recite their whole song and dance about how “the world is coming to a close” and that “makuta is coming back”. As usual, I didn’t pay much attention to it, as those people have a few screws loose.

I was having a good time at the festival, when I saw some strange figure knock one of the inventors over and take off. Surprisingly, they didn’t fight back with their whatever it was and just stood there. I saw that the fiend had stolen something, so I chased after them. They kept running throughout the city, dashing in between busy streets and in and out alleys. I eventually caught up to the menace, but they used some sort of elemental power that I’d never seen before and disappeared. Sadly, I wasn’t the only one who’d chased the criminal, and when the Okotan Guard showed up, I was taken to city hall.

Inside, I cleared everything up with the protectors, and I was able to go back home. Though, on my way out, I heard two important-looking people discussing something. I couldn’t pick up much, except I did hear them say something about a band of criminals, and I assume that the person I chased was part of them.

Even though the stories the elders tell may be false, if they’ve taught me anything, It’s that history repeats itself, and that you can never think that evil is gone for good. Alright, I’m getting tired, and writing takes a lot out of me. I’ll try to update this journal whenever anything interesting happens, and I’m all out for today, so, goodnight!


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Onuas 15th

You know that feeling when you wake up and you know that something is… off? That’s what I felt this morning. Or maybe it was a headache, either makes sense. I realized that I was out of some things, so I decided to go to the market. It’s always a good time at the market, so this chore was one I actually look towards. Today, though, that changed.

You see, the criminal I had chased a dew days ago was not the only one. Throughout the week, in every district of the city, there had been numerous thieves, all of which wore a distinct golden mask. They looked like they were trying to imitate the Toa, but why would a few public nuisances associate with them? The reason I knew this is because there were posters asking if you had seen the criminals. Apparently they had been involved with the guard, as there were mugshots of these fiends.

At the market, I picked up a few cowrie rolls, one of my favorites. The vendor said that they would cost a bit extra, but I had money to spare. I sat down next to some kid on the bench who looked a bit scared, with his head turned away from everyone and I asked him what was wrong. That was a big mistake.

It turns out that that “kid” was another one of those chaos gremlins, and he knocked me off of the bench, making me drop my cowrie roll.

I got back up, but he was ready to attack again. This time, I was able to block his punch. When I was younger, my mom had taken me to some self-defense classes, so I knew how to survive an attack. I had never thought that they’d be useful, but here we are now.

I finally got a good look at the little scamp, and that’s when I saw the mask. There was something off about it, I almost felt like I’d seen it before, but… no, It couldn’t be.

Just as he was about to swing once again, this time with a sword he pulled out from behind his back, his eyes glowed red, looking almost possessed, and screamed:


And then just as the protectors Eriko and Ojile stepped out of the capitol building which was right by the market, the figure collapsed on to the ground.

He was completely limp, nothing was moving and his eyes had stopped glowing. The crowd that had formed around us was looking in a strange mix of horror and shock. Once Protector Ojile asked me what was going on, and I couldn’t say anything, it was like I was possessed as well. She said that I could go home and rest, and that when I was ready to talk, I could come back to city hall and discuss everything.


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