The City of Utopia

Built for the preliminary round of Bio-Cup 2020, the theme being “The Future”.

49913313237_64e50810a8_o (2)


Very creative parts usage, and very clean as well!


Looks like something out of Meet the Robinsons. Nice use of the Takeshi hair as a bushy tree!

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I love that hero core building. It looks like it could be a variant of Avengers tower or something.


Fantastic build! Super creative and really nice parts usage. Landscapes builf with constraction pieces isn’t something we see to often, so this is refreshing and interesting


Reminds me of “Tomorrowland” (the movie). Like, really distinctly.

Parts usage is golden, and plenty of ideas I’ve never seen before. That Stormer helmet is very well disguised, and I almost missed the Takeshi hair.

This is the sort of stuff (on a larger scale) that would have made really cool playsets…

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Great job! I love the way you used the slizer arm for the building.

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