The Civil War - choosing sides [G3 pitch]

So it has be said briefly on the podcast that two sides each would part up with Mangai and Ihu in the civil war, this is just how I would Imagine they would part up.

What I think should be done is that there are three main types of regions involved in the conflict -

The Core regions, the ones that started the war - (Mangai and Ihu)

The Allied regions, the ones that joined a side because of flattery or money - (Motara and Kanae)

The Resource regions, the ones that are brought into the war by force because of what they have in there region (Tiro and Naho)

Now that the main three types are out of the way, let’s get into the sides themselves and who’s on which.

Mangai’s Allies -

Motara - The region’s leaders were very interested in the war when it first started, believing that they could profit off the conflict. When Mangai came to them for assistance they gladly accepted in exchange of their riches and tho they do officially Ally themselves with Mangai, they still make underhanded deals with Ihu giving them supplies and weaponry when needed in secret.

Tiro - The people of the region originally did not want to get involved in the war and constantly pushed for peace between the two core regions. Makuta, seeing them as a threat to his plans, influenced the leader’s of Ihu to cause an attack on Tiro, burning many villages and killing many civilians. After this attack, Tiro would ally themselves with Mangai, tho they never would join as soldiers, they instead join in as medics helping the injured in battle.

Ihu’s Allies -

Kanae - The leader’s of Kanae did not think much of the war originally, but gave into Ihu’s flattery and decided to join. Needing soldiers for the war, they would draft in the population of Kanae by force, leading to conflict between the One percent and the citizens of Kanae who were against the war in general.

Naho - The high priestess of Naho was very much against joining the war, preferring instead to remain isolated from the rest of the island, no matter what Ihu or Mangai did, they could never convince her to have her region join. The leader of the Arbeikers was strongly against not joining, believing that Motara and Mangai are too reckless and need to be removed if they are to fully separate from the rest of the island. Using this, Makuta push the leader of the Arbeikers to over throw the high priestess and crown herself the new leader of Naho, joining Ihu’s side in the war, giving them food and weaponry in battle.

So that was basically my pitch for the war, I do think there is room to improve on this in the future. If any of you have any ideas or criticism to say, please let me know.


I really like these pitches, especially Kanae because Lewa could start an uprising against the rich population in Kanae, but I do think some of these should be changed

I think Tiro and Naho should be switched, just because I don’t think Tiro should side with Mangai. It would make more sense if Mangai was burning stuff down. With TTV’s current pitch, Tahu would be controlled by Makuta to set Onua’s village on fire and kill his family, and they were planning on using this to trigger Tiro’s involvement in the war, and also give Onua character development.

I do think one bit in your Naho bit should be changed, it’s that it should be a small group of Arbiters that try to overthrow the High Priestess of Naho AND the current leader of the Arbiters, only because I think that there should be a Transformers: Animated Ultra Magnus/Optimus Prime/Sentinel Prime kind of relationship, with the current leader (Helryx?) as Ultra Magnus, Gali as Optimus, and the person overthrowing the current leadership (Vhisola?) as Sentinel Prime. However, if they go with Tuyet as the leader of the Arbiters instead of Helryx, it would go perfectly with your pitch. In addition, with Makuta influencing Tahu and maybe-Vhisola, the Mangai side of the war could be Makuta’s “favored side”. Also, there’s an error in your Naho pitch because you say that both the leaders of the Artibers and Naho are against joining the war, but later you mention that the Arbiters would overthrow the High Priestess.

I do like Motara allying with Mangai, however, because of how it may affect Pohatu and Kopaka. If Pohatu is close friends with Kopaka, who is next in line for the King of Ihu, it could affect how the Motarans see Pohatu’s as a famous Kolhii star, either agreeing with his side or shunning him, but it could go both ways.


The main reason I wanted Naho being on Ihu’s side is because I could never really imagine them being to especially fond of Mangai in any degree. In my eyes they would see Ihu as the lesser of two evils.

In regards to Tiro, I do have to admit that they really could join either sides in the conflict. The main reasons I wanted Ihu to be the one to cause the attacks is because one, again I can’t imagine Naho being on the side of Mangai,and two, I feel that since Kopaka is going to have a respect for Onua being a father in the story I feel like it would bring in a ton of great drama if Kopaka caused the death of Onua’s family.

Okay that actually makes a lot more sense.

Um I think your mistaken, I never said that, you can check.

Oops, yeah you’re right disregard that, you wrote it as a double negative (strongly against not joining) and I probably confused that, sorry.

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wasn’t this supposed to be a children’s toyline?

The Cast were very sure about that would be a good idea.

One of the heroes burning a village alive, including the family of his teammate.

you know, for kids!

Maybe they should step back and reevaluate their current plans.

well to be fair, Samurai Jack before it’s final season (when it was aired on Cartoon Network) had some very dark imagery, Like the episode with the ultra robots which showed towns that, while inhabited by robots, were still brutally murderd in horrific ways.

Maybe if it was the brotherhood it wouldn’t bother me so much, but the fact it’s tahu just, I don’t like it.
It feels needlessly mean spirited and dark to have one of the main characters murder another’s family.

would it be better if the Brotherhood did the deed and framed the Mangai army for it? Tahu just “helped” them in getting into the village, (like buring one of their walls or something, and that they don’t actually murder Onua’s family, as much as they kidnap them to use them as a possible bargaining chip if they have to.

i mean it would work better in getting Onua to come to Tahu and the other Toa’s aid again. Because it’s highly unlikely that Onua would ever forgive Tahu if he was made the murderer of his family.

Well, Var already has plans to mess up his son’s childhood, so it’s not unheard of.

In other words, if they’re ever gonna make even the slightest departure from Lego’s formula, it’ll be for the sake of his experiment.

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