The Clan of the Skrall (Worldbuilding)

In almost every political decision (at least all of the ones I can think of), there has always been opposition. So in Tiro, there would have to be some who want to go back to the good ol’ fighting days. So I introduce: The Skrall.

Originally a Dark Hunter called “The Mighty”, the leader of the Skrall called together all of his political friends, and proposed his great idea to “make Tiro strong again”. Seeing peace as a sign of dependence and weakness, Tuma promised that he would do it. While many took what he had to say as crazy, others did not trust his past occupation enough to join his protest. So Tuma gathered all of the Tiroans who would follow him, and they all disappeared into the forest.

Inside, they built up their own civilization, crafting weapons that resembled the ancient versions and fortress from the dense trees that surrounded the region. The Skrall became extremely territorial, taking any trespassers as prisoners. While they will negotiate with the peace-lovers, they do it on their terms. They act as strong as the entirety of Tiro, and also act as if they are the ones who should rule it. They care for each other more than for the cause, much like they did during Tiro’s older age.

Just some ideas I’ve "Skrall"ed down spoiler[/spoiler], I find their political stance comparable to Death Watch of Mandalore from Star Wars the Clone Wars, though they aren’t quite exactly as extreme.


The basic idea of a militant faction in Tiro is already part of the story bible, although I do like the inclusion of the Skrall and further fleshing out of this concept.


yes I love skrall I was thinking more like motaran nomads under tuma and Roodoka who unite all the skrall tribes and invade the other regions ( will include skopio x-v1 as some tank and zesk and skirmix war beasts) sorta like medieval mongols (also Tuma is a lightning matoran).

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Interesting way of fleshing out the militant splinter faction in Tiro. I always imagined the leader was something like a Pol Pot or Genghis Khan-esque figure; an anti-intellectual bent on reforming Tiro into a militaristic and agrarian society.

I especially love the idea of Tuma being a former Dark Hunter who formed this faction. I myself had considered that the few named Skrall could’ve been Tiroan generals in the past when the society was more militarized.


I like where this is going.
The idea of a splinter group is interesting, as is the view of peace as weakness and Tuma as a dark hunter. What springs to mind is the mentality of DoomFist from Overwatch, he has the view that war and conflict makes people stronger and peace makes us weak, this is a highly similar view.

Perhaps Tuma and his Skrall agents are trying to sow chaos and effectively, start a war so that they can “rise up” and bring Tiro to the forefront of military power in Arthaka. I’ll be following this for sure.


Who’s to say that Tuma wouldn’t go a bit further if he succeeded in subjugating the people of Tiro?

I figure all the elements have some extremist philosophy to them. E.g. “Fire has no brothers, Fire consumes ALL!”

Perhaps Earth would be something along the lines of:
-“To fight the element of Earth is to fight the world itself”

-“Fire may consume all, but it also begets ashes. Out of which we will rise and take arms against you!”

-“You can not defeat us, for we are the earth beneath you, the forest before you, the mountains that tower over you. We are everywhere.”

Something that has the right level of awesome-bordering-on-silly that G1 banter was known form.

@ToaNoah_Wafflemeister have this quick pencil sketch of Tuma I just whipped up. I hope I captured his ferocity.


not what I was thinking… I mean first the brotherhood of makuta? pleez I don’t want the skrall to be a cult. as far as tiro goes I think the candle head cult is enough. i’m with a bioncle version of the mandlorian death watch just not as Tuma and the skrall

Reminds me a little too much of the Jabari tribe from Black Panther, but that’s not to say that it’s a bad idea.

I like the idea of introducing the Skrall into the G3 lore, and making them a political off-shoot of the Tiroans is really cool!

Definitely should keep the ridiculous long helmets, though. Very defining feature of the Skrall.


The jabari just despised the reliance on the advanced technology (as far as I know), this version of the Skrall despise peace, they actively seek war.

They do not seem themselves as oppressed by the rule, they see themselves as taking back their place as rulers. Honestly they’re more like Killmonger.


This is definitely a neat idea; I could certainly see this becoming a thing. It’s both similar and different in a really interesting way at the same time.


@Miraku @lordvaldek671 @A2B2C2 @Kardax @PakariNation99 @Sanokal

Thank you! After coming up with so many super-detailed stories and such, I decided to do something more simple.

I just realized this as I read it, but I love Overwatch so that’s cool!

Looks amazing! I like the detail, and some parts remind me of actual contraction pieces! The shoulder armor looks like Nuva Armor stretched into a Rahkshi-head shape, the spikes on the shoulder remind me of the spikes from Xplode or Von Nebula, the mask looks really great, and the inclusion of the Nuva symbol looks cool! Not sure what its meaning would be though…

By no means is this pitch about a cult, more like a separated society who prefer politics to be their own way.

Is that actually canon?

Well, M’Bako was great, so I’ll take this as a compliment!

I could see the helmets, gladiator weapons, and sword armor, all of which were cool traits of G1 Skrall as Tiro’s past weaponry and armor. So in other words, yes!

I came up with something unique? Cool!


The Onua Nuva symbol is mostly for aesthetics. It’s something I’ve taken to fitting into my recent designs after viewing Oomatu’s art, such as this Nightingale-esque Mangaian archer in the foreground with a Tahu Nuva symbol as a fastener on his cloak (Click for full view)

I figure the Skrall would have the elongated helmets, but would also have various mismatched pieces of armor, likely stolen from any soldiers who wandered a little too close to their camp…


couldn’t you do piraka instead?

First of all, the members of the Piraka (Hakann, Zaktan, Vezok etc) are all dark hunters, though without using the term “Piraka”. Second, seeing how in G1 Piraka meant “thief” or “murderer” or something, I think they’d be cooler as pirates. Third, the Skrall I meant to be antagonists, but not evil, if that makes sense. I could almost see them like, again, the Jabari, where they fight sometimes, but team up against a greater evil. Piraka, I would suggest, should be completely evil… Interesting idea though.


Wave 4 ideas perhaps, best we don’t use all our material before then though.

@A2B2C2 Perhaps the Skrall have mask add ons? Something you could concept maybe? The helmet thing seems more likely though.

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I want the skrall to be savage desert nomads who invade from bara magna ( the desert not island) not political rebels and I didn’t know the piraka were dark hunters also is Vezon a dark hunter? and I haven’t seen black panther yet

It is canon. It think after some of @Oomatu drawings, as well as some pitches.

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Take me at face value cause all of you probably know more about G3 than me, but I feel like this fits the Vorox/Zesk crazy sand tribe of Glatorian better than the Skrall. The Skrall always struck me as smart enough to know they wouldn’t win an invasion without some serious forethought.

The Zesk on the other hand, or Vorox, could certainly fit the “Desert Savages” thing. Maybe something’s driving them to invade? Maybe it’s the Skrall?


You should. Good movie.

Not sure, no one’s made a pitch yet

As much as I like savage nomads, that’s basically every gang in Motara, and I wanted the Skrall to be special. Also, Bara Magna is not yet a location as far as I’m aware, but if you could whip up some story for it I’m sure you could make one. Also, as this pitch has not (and probably will not ever) been canonized, you can make a pitch for something different in mind if you really wanted to.

That actually sounds pretty cool! It would fit in G3 so far, Vorok/Zesk have not even been mentioned as far as I can remember, though Vorox may have been one of the giants suggested…

The story bible currently lists Bara Magna as the Motaran desert.

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