The Cliffhorse Club

Alright, so for those of you who have Skype/can use Skype, me and some of the guys from the forum, like @Risebell @Scarillian @ToaVuhii @MaximumWarp @Political_Nuju @Axonn126 @SammySpartan @GreenCapps @BioRaiders532 among others have created a Skype Group.

The name "Cliffhorse" in the title spawns from an in-joke at conception on how Cliffhorse made by Notch(The Maker of Cliffhorse) was the best game ever.

And so, after a while of it being secret, well, "Secret," we've decided to open it up to everyone on the forums!

It's not supposed to like, Rival the boards or anything, it's just a place where we can have some IM fun, and conduct some calls, and just overall get closer to a community.

Open to everyone, Mods, Admins, normal users, regardless of trust level!

If you wanna join, just send a contact request on Skype to:

midknightnyran on skype, my name should come up as just Nyran and I have the same profile pic as I do here on the Boards.

We hope to see you all there for happy fun good times and discussions and chat, for misc too small for the boards, or just random fun, memes are welcome, and no real restrictions, other than don't be a jerk. XD

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That's right all you geese.
If you wanna stay up til' 3AM playing cliffhorse with me and Nyran, this is your chance.

I can attest: it is fun.

Ill join...
But only if I can use my sailor mouth


Oh of course

Shoot me a request on Skype, and I'll add you

The bad reviews for Skype on iPhone really worries me...

Every mainstream app like facebook and stuff has bad reviews because no one is satisfied with their free service.

Uh...from what Kretta told me, it works okay...

But I wouldn't know myself.

You don't use the skype app?
It works fine.

I use Skype on my Laptop, and it works well for All my Cliffhorse Club Needs, which is the focus of the topic, so yeah, I'm totally staying on topic

Awkwardly laughs

Hey, I might not be on much, but my Skype name is Jackson Potato, and it's pretty easy to figure out which Jackson Potato I am(says I'm from Squeavertown USA)



I might join smiley

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Fun place, we get pretty wild

I'll join, but I'm warning you: My Teridax voice is legitimately the best thing ever.

If you sent me a request, I will get to it and add you in a few hours

I might join - if I download the app to iPad, and join the group, am I going to get constant notifications?


the answer is yes


I'm going to quote @potay8o on this.