The Coliseum - Minecraft Build

Hey y’all! I have finished building the Coliseum and wanted to show it off a little, I’m really proud of it!

This is a general shot of the complex, with the main gate front and center.

The Coliseum’s Throne Room!

The Upper level balcony!

The Arena and Lhikan’s statue!

The docked airship during The Great Rescue


Wow! This is awesome! I can tell a lot of hard work went into this, and it shows! Really cool, and really grand scale! Nice work!

Thanks! If you want to take a look around, here’s the world file

The entire complex goes from max build height to bedrock too!



OHOWOW! How much did it take to build?

Well, it’s hard to say, I wasn’t working solely on this non-stop, but from construction’s beginning to end, it’s been about 6 years. If I had to make a guess for the amount of hours put in, I’d probably have to say it’s close to 200, maybe like 180-215. A lot of the detail work was done by hand so it was a lot of tedious busy-work.

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(Sees the link to the world download and invitation to poke around said map)

Don’t mind if I do! (Begins download)

Should be fun to see what all there is here.

Were you able to take a look? What do you think? If I remember correctly there should be maps you can use in the room off to the side of the Coliseum’s throne room and in the entrance to the Great Temple

Haven’t checked yet. Got a few more things to do before I can poke around on Minecraft but the map is now downloaded and I will definitely explore The Coliseum and Great Temple of Metru Nui when I do hop onto Minecraft again.

Good work on this one, I especially like the Upper level balcony.

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wow… just… wow

Thanks Guys :smiley:

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