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The Mighty High King of Isotix Empire, Vercingetorix MacLeòid

Name: Vercingetorix MacLeòid
Aliases: Vercing, the High King of Isotix
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Affiliation: Isotix Empire
Home: Isotix Empire
Race: Human, Isotixian
Gender: Male
Age: 64 years old
Eyes: Blue
Skin: White
Height: 7’4
Weight: 220 lbs
Build: Broad, Brutelike, Muscular
Hair: Long and black

Accessories: Pelt of Strength, Crown, and his Axe.

Personality: Vercing is cruel and a blood-lusting King and Warrior on the Battlefield, he only cares about his Kingdom and people that he needs to protect and feed. He cares very little of the outside world and he is someone that likes to deal with things during a dual to get his point across. When things don’t go his way he’ll most likely bash threats out of his mouth until he does what he said. And Vercing rarely lies so when he says that he’ll do something to you. He’ll probably do that and might as well succeed at it.

Equipment and Weapons:
Pelt of Strength: This artifact was crafted a long time ago, it dates even the earliest years of the Isotix Empire’s first beginnings. This black furry bear-like pelt was made to be dawned as a cape and with it, the user gains super strength and ferocity. The Pelt of Strength stands as a Token of Pride for the Isotixian people of Isotix and unfortunately while it gains the use of incredible super-strength those who use it for too long become mindless beasts that have nothing but bloodlust and the thought of fighting in battle.

Great Axe: Vercing’s main weapon is this Great Axe of his that is incredibly heavy and hard to lift but because of his brutish size and the power of the Pelt which he wears 24/7 it makes the Axe very light and incredibly easy to use. Whilst, not a destructive weapon, in the hands of Vercing it can be a devastating weapon as it’s not the weapon who makes the Warrior but rather the Warrior that makes the weapon.

Powers and Abilities:
Peak Human Condition: Vercing’s bodily functions are pushed to the pinnacle of human conditioning and therefore, Versing’s strength, speed, stamina, sense, agility, reflexes, accuracy, longevity, durability, intelligence, healing time, flexibility and combat skills are near enhanced human or superhuman. Peak-humans are superior to normal members of their race, as well as Olympic-level athletes. They are strong enough to punch an individual through a wooden or thin-metal door, can break thin steel bars with their bare hands, run fast enough to catch-up or outrun moving vehicles, in this case, horses, can exert themselves to peak capacity for hours, producing top-endurance and lung capacity, are agile enough to climb the tallest of buildings, leap to high feats into the air and distant miles, reflexive enough to dodge multiple gunfire, in this case, arrows, incoming attacks, and fast motions. Are also accurate enough to achieve multiple small and further distant targets, capable of living longer than the average-person, durable enough to withstand normal and enhanced physical and projectile attacks, intelligent enough to understand complex problems better than average humans, they can heal themselves in very short periods, flexible enough to coordinate their limbs perfectly and their combat skills are advanced enough to defeat large groups of enemies.

Axemanship: Vercing demonstrates an aptitude for the way of the ax. He can wield an ax with great proficiency in brute power and destructive features to kill strong enemies. He can perform feats such as stopping large incoming objects, breaking through objects and use wide sweeps to attack many enemies at once, he may also be proficient in wielding throwing axes to add a ranged attack to his repertoire.

Leadership Intuition: Vercing possesses an innate understanding of how to be a great leader, allowing him to effectively keep order and morale.

Backstory: Vercingetorix MacLeòid is the great ruling King of the Isotix Empire. Ever since he was a child, he loved fighting and always wanted to go training with his father, and eventually, when he grew old enough he received his first training. It was tough but it made him into the man he is today, with seven years old he hunted his first wolf and then became a hunter. Hunting more dangerous, rare animals that made him a nice reputation. His father was the King of the Isotix Empire. They are Celts and believe it or not they abide by six core values such as honor, loyalty, hospitality, honesty, justice, and courage. These are the formed basics principles upon the first Celtic society was founded. They are also very religious and believe in their so-called Gods but how Vercing was grown-up was somewhat different, his father knew that fascination Vercing had with fighting and be on the battlefield and so he told his son to go every night and pray to Lugus, the Youthful Warrior God, Morrigan Goddess of Fate, Camulos the God of War and Cernuunos the God of the Wild Things. So every night when was about to go to sleep Vercing prayed to these Gods his father told him to pray to, and if it helped or not it’s up there to be argued, as in some way it made him out to be this ferocious warrior with a fiery heart that was in a way kind of lacking during that time. Time passed on and the Isotix Empire grew and grew larger, day after day new strategic plans have been found and new tactics in battle, as at the beginning of Isotix it was forever alone kingdom, not allying with anyone and always was fighting for their lives, no matter what. His father began to grow old and soon there was needed to be a new King, if Vercing would prove himself as Isotix’s next rightful ruler, his father will hand him over the crown and so they set out to kill a powerful Dragon and there are many stories of this battle, some say that Vercing ripped out the Dragon’s heart from its body, some say that Vercing ripped its head off and so on. Of course, in a way they were true and Vercing successfully returned home with the head and heart of the dragon, he was worthy to be King, he was worthy of the Pelt of Strength…When he dawned it and became King he could feel this incredible power that he has never felt before, and ever since he swore to lead the Isotix Empire into greater destinations, and that they will show the might of the Celtic Warriors will always rule! But through time, because of wearing the Strength of Pelt constantly it turned him into a barbaric warrior that was always lusting after blood and the thrill of the Battlefield. He has become quite vicious and cruel and nobody can stop him, so they are forced to serve him. Once their honor-bound King turned into a merciless killer and monster…

Also special thanks to @Bramsley, for hooking me up with artwork for Versing.

This is weird, everytime you post a new character like this, it acts like you quoted me. Strange.

It is because I have quoted your first character and then when I post the NPCs on the main post with a link, so that everyone can access them easily for references, of course when I click post it will tell you I quoted you.

That’s what I mean, it takes me to the NPC’s separate post, not the main one. That’s what’s strange. Same as when you added Bloodfang and his cronies.

EDIT: well, the group is fracturing. I had a feeling this would happen.

Well, I will be real with you. If you are going to attack Bloodfang right now, you will lose. There is no but in this. You are going on Bloodfang’s turf, he has the biggest army in the world and powerful servants on his side. See where it gets you. I’m just being realistic here.

He’s not going to attack bloodfang right now, he’s going to try and enact his plan.

What is his plan exactly anyway?

Then one that the characters were arguing about?

Ah, whilst you have free roam with some limitations. I get to decide if the curse works on Ernesto or not, you know that right?

Just be aware, if you do succeed to split the team-up. I won’t allow it to be a thing in the entire RP. Maybe just a little to see where it is going if it leads you to the path of success or defeat.

Though I did make it clear, Bloodfang will be defeated by everyone, no half group will get the luxury to do so. I am the GM of this RP and I need to maintain some ground rules so that it won’t end up in chaos.

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Hey man, it was either stop having autonomy, or leave the group. Easy choice for Ernesto.

Personally, I feel like Ernesto is irrational, overreacting and too sure footed about immediately going after Bloodfang’s throat. That is my interpretation, my characters acted in character, to what Ernesto has been recently doing in the RP.

I didn’t expect for Ernesto to be this bold enough to simply leave the group, but it is what it is. Just remember what I have told you, because I won’t be repeating myself again, understood?

Hey, you’re the one who set up the ultimatum.

Because of Ernesto’s actions?

Hey man, if you don’t want him to leave, he shouldn’t have been given the option.

You gave me no choice.


Will didn’t told Ernesto to leave, he said “You either leave or stay and let us do the job in preparing you for that battle.”

It’s unhealthy for a party in an RP to be lonewolves, doing their own thing. You guys should either play together or not at all. That is my two cents.


I second your two cents about it, Chronicler. Like I have said, the choices you make have consequences. I will not be responsible for the half of the groups predicament, I will only deal with it in a realistic way. That is if Ernesto does succeed in splitting the group.


But if it’s out of character for someone to follow orders without question, or if a character believes another character to be wrong, having them go along with it “because” is lazy writing in order to fulfill a predetermined plot, when improvising around unexpected things the players do is at least half of what RPing is about.