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This is how it happened…this is how an Empire Collapsed…

Twenty years ago a land finally emerged from its hiding into the shadows. This land was called the Great Nest of Dragopia. A land with the largest population around the world, including the largest population of Dragons, the mythical, lizard-like creatures who could breathe fire and fly. Its ruler, the Dragon Lord, called Michael Bloodfang was the one that initiated this protocol, because for far too long have they stood in the shadows and watched, watched how races began building villages that turned into cities and then into kingdoms.

And now that they have established their presence into the world, Michael Bloodfang with his servants has begun a world domination conquest. His soul reasons only known by himself and his servants as they took the world by shock with their incredibly powerful abilities.

They almost seemed to be too god-like and nearly unbeatable, but Michael’s right-handed man also depicted as simply the Wizard saw that Michael had been corrupted by the power he had. It went up in his head and became someone who was lost in themselves, unable to help him he decided to betray him.

Michael felt the utmost betrayed and he swore that when he will meet the Wizard on the battlefield, he will kill him for his betrayal. Though he was second strongest in Dragopia, first being Michael Bloodfang, he knew that he didn’t have a chance against him.

But a group of heroes, a group that will join in as a team that would wander around the world in gaining the powerful, magical artifacts of each Kingdom may be able to put a stop to Michael’s reign and put an end to his schemes.

Every world has its story and this one is no different from the other. Join and dive deep into the realm of fantasy, into a world with great lands, multiple magical, mythical and supernatural races and species among the day to day human beings that are either just plain citizens, knights of a brotherhood, rogues, hunters, magic users and many more.

You, dear player, if you decide to join this story you will be able to choose what race, species or otherwise type of character you want to create.

Because you, dear player, will be the silent knife that would stand a chance in putting an end to Michael and his servants, but be careful because the road is one filled with death, pain, suffering and sometimes the odds may be up against you, so do your best!


  • Respect and Obey the GM: I admit I’m a beginner when it comes down with being a GM. I may be inexperienced and I will accept, constructive criticism and feedback in case I make a mistake or two down the line when conducting said being GM. I’m not unreasonable but I would like to be pointed out of my mistakes politely, remember people, be nice, play nice and you’ll be treated nicely, that is my motto as of today.
    But I will not tolerate disrespectful behavior towards me. I’m the GM of this RP, this is my world that I’ve created. I run this RP and I decide its outcome. Like all other GMs on this site, I wield the same power and authority of the Site Moderators on here and I expect to be treated and respected like a moderator. Know my power and consider what I’m capable of before committing any misconduct.

  • Respect and Obey the GM’s Story and Lore: Being an extension of the above rule. As I’m the GM of this RP who also created it, I’m the one who designed its concept. I designed most of its lore, and this is my Story which you are playing and hopefully make an impact on it, in-game that is. That being said there are some boundaries, more likely, lore-wise that you can’t cross. It could be anything and I don’t have to give a complicated explanation as to why I don’t want you to do something that may change my lore or story. What I’ve laid so far in front is already set in stone and it may already contradict the already established, being planned lore. And so please respect my wishes. If you have an idea that may affect the story, I would sincerely prefer it if you approach me first about it before you implement it. It makes things a lot smoother and I can even help rework your idea into something better-fitting. It’s much better than just you out flat reveal an earth-shattering revelation or perform some grand event that goes against my plans and then me having you retcon and change it.

  • **Respect the Story and Lore of other Players:**This rule is pretty much the same as the above one, except it applies to the lore and story of other players that have already been established in my story.

  • No Overpowered or Ridiculously Powerful Characters: You are allowed to make a character that is a powerful being in general. You will certainly not, be able to one shot and dodge a never meant to be dodged an attack from a Boss. You’ll not be guaranteed everyday success during this RP because it adds a bit more conflict to the Story and it makes the Villains that much more frightening because they are that much more powerful and so the success in defeating them is satisfying at best. However, I do want you to make a balanced character that is not blatantly unfairly more powerful than the most other characters. Be creative but don’t do OP or Mary or Gary Sue characters, make them creative, let your imagination flow through your mind and make them unique as you can make them. You people are very creative so I trust your creativity for the most part. Create something you’ll have fun with but not at the expense of other players’ enjoyment.

  • No Autohitting, Autododging, Godmodding, Metagaming and so on.

  • Follow the Basic Human Common Logic: Just because I may not include everything that is or isn’t allowed in the RP, it doesn’t mean that you should exploit the loopholes. I’m not stupid. So if I don’t say “don’t control characters that don’t belong to you without permission” for example, it doesn’t mean that you can. Do what you think is morally right, respectful and within the proper boundaries.

  • Respect Others: Even though an obvious and self-explanatory one. From also personal experiences, I want to spell this out. OOC discussions will be kept civil and respectful. I will not tolerate any kind of name-calling, insults, harassment or anything else of that kind. If you feel there is a problem with another player. Talk to me so that it can be properly dealt with. I will not be making an OOC PM for this RP. This Signup Topic will serve as the public OOC thread. So keep in mind that all OOC interactions between players are now public to be viewed by anyone and everyone on this website.

  • No killing or seriously maiming other characters without player consent.

  • Players are limited to have a maximum of only four characters at a time: Keep the old maxim of “quality over quantity” in mind. So do not waste your slots with mediocre characters out of some need to fill all four.

  • I would like for you guys to keep your character sheets up-to-date: So that throughout the game. It will be much easier for me to access them for reference. Though I won’t be enforcing this, it’s just merely a request.

  • No Villainous characters, please: I will be running the Antagonist side, I and Myself alone. You don’t have to make your characters to be Great Paragons of Virtue and Morality but I do not need help in the antagonist department. If it wasn’t obvious, your characters are the heroes of this story.

  • Please keep things within the realm of PG-13 both in the RP and on this Topic.

  • Please refrain from making OOC posts only in the RP

  • Actions: If your character gets themselves in a situation that are most likely going to die, or are going off against impossible means because they are not ready yet. They are going to die. Period.

  • Narrative: Your actions and decisions affect the story, for better or worse. There is no guaranteed happy ending. if you’re going on a path that leads you to defeat, you are going to lose, if you play your cards right, you win and get the good ending. Just remember every action and decision your character takes, affects the RP for better or worse. So think wisely before conducting such actions.

  • Group RP: I thought this was obvious, but certainly it isn’t. This RP is a GROUP RP so this means, your characters will be stuck with my NPC because they are the only ones who can lead you through this hostile world. Creating characters that are not team players for whatever reason, it is not welcomed. I understand the lone wolf that is not dependent on my NPCs but still rolls with them, for the greater good cliche, to save the world. But other than that it is not accepted.

  • Other standard RP and Boards rules apply here as well.

  • Failure to abide by these rules can result in your removal from the Collapse of an Empire RP or the involvement of the site by Staff and Moderators if necessary.

About the RP

Now you’ll probably be asking. What is this kind of RP Michael? What can I do? What character I can create? And so on. Well, it’s easy really, the setting is High Fantasy RP which means that’s kind of like D&D if any of you guys have played before or know about it.

But to put it much simpler in this Fantasy RP you can play a human, mythical, magical or supernatural beings, races or species that have powers or magical abilities. It’s heavily magic-based and has some inspirations here and there but what ultimately made this RP possible was Overlord anime which I’ve recently watched and so it inspired me to make one like that but different enough from the source to make it its own thing.


The map is made by me by using Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator. There are 14 Lands in total and they are as followed: The Great Nest of Dragopia, Isotix Empire, Ippotismos Kingdom, Kingdom of Cloudia, Ice Kingdom, Dwarf Kingdom, Dark Dwarf Kingdom, Elf Kingdom, Dark Elf Kingdom, Tempus City, Holy Dynasty, The Republic, Starwalker Tribe, and the Forbidden Lands.

Character Sheet Template



Alignment: (Such as True Neutral, Lawful Good, basically D&D Alignments.)

Affiliation: (To what your character is affiliated with, like Kingdom, Brotherhood, something in those lines)

Home: (Where your character originated from)

Race: (It is D&D inspired, so it can be a Dragon, Elf, Dwarf, Human, Angel, Demon, Vampire, etc.)



Apparent Age: (It’s more about the physical age. Pretty much every race except the Human race gets this section. Though if you make a human that looks younger or older than he is, by all means.)







Appearance: (I would prefer it if you use a picture to describe your character. Of course, if you can, if you find the source of the Artist’s artwork, please credit the Artist and if you are very good at giving me a plausible description of your character then do so)

Accessories: (Something that defines your character, like a hat for example, or glasses, get what I mean?)


Equipment and Weapons:

Powers and Abilities:


Also special thanks to @L.O.S.S-KAL and @Bramsley with helping me out with this RP, with its artwork and story-wise decisions. Also special thanks to @Mctoran with the rules.

Accepted Characters:

The Lifecycle of Dragons

Hatchling (1-10 years): During these years the dragon does most of its growing gaining approximately one foot of height per year until they reach six feet tall. Their wings reach the proper ratio and the length does as well.

Broodling (10-50 years): Considered the “emotional” formative years the young dragons continue to grow and mature. Final scales are hardened and the dragons reach full size. (Full size ranges from 6-15 feet tall).

Adult (50-500 years): At the full size and considered mature the dragons are now taught the “spiritual” part of their life. They often gain bony protrusions, horns, and tougher scales since this is the only phase of their life when they are not actively getting larger.

Prime (500-1000 years): If a dragon survives this long they enter the second phase of growth, adding as much as 3-5 feet in height.

Senior (1000-5000 years): The second stage of growth continues. New magics are learned including astral phasing. The dragons can reach a maximum height of 30-35 feet.)

Elder (5000-death): At the full size and maximum skill these dragons are nearly unkillable and can live out a full life of 10,000 years or more. They begin to age and weaken at around 7,000 years.

Note: Your age limit to your Dragon character is to Prime age 500-1000 and no more. Because Dragons grow stronger as they age and I think for you guys the age of 1000 is enough.

The Main Protagonist Side of NPCs

The Servants of Lord Bloodfang

The King and Queen of the Great Nest of Dragopia

The Mighty High King of Isotix Empire, Vercingetorix MacLeòid

The RP


About the Lands

[details=The Great Nest of Dragopia]The Great Nest of Dragopia it’s the home of all Dragons. Dragopia is the biggest land in the world and has the largest population as well, most of the time that number is made up of the dragons but there are some cases where other races have moved in and lived in there, though most of the times it’s around the borders.

People in Dragopia are very traditional and listen to a traditional type of music, the way they make music is through self-made instruments. Most of the times Dragons spend their time in the crystal clear lakes with crystals inside of them to relax, they are so many everywhere in Dragopia there is a lake that fits that description, it’s almost like a spa where you can sit in the water, relax and enjoy the warmth the crystals provide.

Dragopians don’t have a religion, they do believe that there might be something out there in the cosmos waiting for them but they do believe that the Ancestors or the Dragons of Old are among the Stars watching them and guiding the King in being a better, benevolent Ruler. Their current ruler is Michael Bloodfang, the Dragon Lord.

Though those are only legends and myths that have been told from generation to generation. There is also the Great Eyrie, a place where new baby dragons are being born every day, the place is one of paradise where there is harmony and rarely any violence as it’s always visited every day by Katelyn. The Dragopian Queen.

This is how the Dragopian landscape looks like, well most throughout the land.

Dragopia is a fertile land with many landscapes and sizes, from forests to high mountains and just plains of grass. It is the most suitable land that can grow life effortlessly, serving as a paradise for every dragon through the plenty of food resources it has and beautiful sights, such as river falls, beautiful clouds and stargazing sunsets and sunrises.[/details]

[details=Isotix Empire]Isotix Empire is the home of the Celtic Warriors and their King, Versing. At first glance, the land doesn’t look all that magnificent but when you get to see the Castel of Isotix you start to get a feeling of what the Celtic life is all about.

Their landscape looks rough of the edges as there are many mountains and little flat land and where there is, it’s occupied either by the Castle itself and the Forest that runs throughout the area.

The Celts themselves live by six core values such as honor, loyalty, hospitality, honesty, justice, and courage. These were the basic principles upon which the very first Celtic society was founded.

Even so upon the rule of the Tyrannical Versing most of them maintain those core values as it will be disrespect towards their Celtic Gods who they worship every time they are in war or need for guidance or to simply have the land prosper.

Before Dragopia showed up Istoixian Empire was thought to be the most powerful country in the world because Versing committed raids upon raids with little regard of the outside world, bringing the Isotixian Empire a few steps forward than anybody, especially with their military tactics and strategies.

The castle of the Isotixian Empire.

The Isotix Empire is inhabited by Celts that are humans, very rarely do people see other races or species try to immigrate towards them probably because Versing will send his royal guard to make way with them, it may be looked as racist and discriminating but he doesn’t care as he will not have them seek shelter here. The only ones that he is willing to let come are humans but not from enemy kingdoms.[/details]

[details=The Ippotismos Kingdom]The Ippotismos Kingdom is the homeland of the Brotherhood of Knights that protects the weak and helpless by also delivering true justice according to their honor bond law. The Ippotismoticans and Isotixians were at bad terms ever since the creation of their kingdoms as each side cannot tolerate what they’re doing. The way they both see it is that they’ll never come to terms with each other because Versing has committed many raids against them and slaughtered innocents for just being in the way.

The Ippotismoticans are acceptive of any race that requires help, they only need to ask and the gates will be open. Their army is mostly made out of knights, these so-called knights are strikers that are specialized in martial arts, sword fighting, and magical combat abilities as they work closely with the Kingdom of Cloudia.

They adopted the religion of Christianity in believing that there is a God and that people should be careful with their sinning. They never enforce their beliefs on others but they are ready to fight for them. The Kingdom is guarded by knightly policemen and they make sure no law goes broken on their watch.

The land itself is fertile but not comparable to the Paradise Dragopia has. The Ippotismos Kingdom is ruled by a King and people talk about him a lot, saying that he is a great benevolent one and that there is nothing he’ll never do for the people.

Many races live inside the Kingdom, ranging from Dwarfs, Orcs, Elves and other species but the larges population around there is the human one.

The Ippotismos Castle[/details]

[details=The Kingdom of Cloudia]The Kingdom of Cloudia is the second homeland of the Knights, though they are exceptional fighters their shtick to call it like that is their defensive capabilities, such as full plated flexible light armor and defensive magic spells as well as healing ones.

To put it simply the Ippotismos Knights are the ones who are specialized in the offensive and the Kingdon of Cloud were specialized in the defensive and they also usually run on very fast horses.

They are very similar to the Ippotismos Kingdom, the only difference is that the Kingdom is ruled by a Queen and they aren’t as war-ready as the Ippotismoticans as they are pacifists that join the war to maintain the peace.

They have a strong relationship so they always conduct business talks and other things, as they have been allies for quite some time so there is a lot of trust behind them. The Kingdom itself is not inhabited that much by other races but they are some but once again the human population is at larger there.

This is how the Kingdom of Cloudia looks like.[/details]

[details=Tempus City]Tempus City is the local City where everyone can come and not feel threatened in any shape or form. It also has been depicted the City of Trading because everyday people from every country come to trade and buy stuff, you can even buy a house or live in an inn for how many days you want if you got the money. It’s the typical New York of this World, it has no real ruler or king or any of that. It’s being run by the major and people are happy as is.

This is how a portion of the Tempus City looks like.[/details]

[details=Holy Dynasty]Holy Dynasty is ruled by Four Angelic beings. The citizens of this Kingdom are mostly humans but other races that are not seen as unholy such as elf, dwarf, gnome, orc, etc., are allowed to live there. Beings like Demons, Vampires, Ghouls, Lycans, and Werewolves are forbidden in this land.

Their military strength isn’t so great as one might think, the only military investment they have is in the Holy Paladins, the protectors of the Holy Dynasty while also serving as the police. They are strong believers in God, which is most likely the Christian God that they worship and his son.

People in there are strong believers and those who question them do receive answers but not by force but with love. They don’t condone violence but they will fight if their land is attacked by enemy forces.

The Capital where the Four Holy Angelic Kings live.

The Capitol itself is very beautiful with white architecture and buildings that look as if they were made by the hand of God, or that’s how they interpret the beauty of their city. They also like trading exports, working together for a project or conducting business with the Republic, another neutral country.[/details]

[details=The Republic]The Republic is a simple trading Hub, but countries from all around the world do come to this Hub and start trading. They are a democratic country and they have little to no real military only generic Knights that serve as the security police guard force.

Each day lots of different people from all across the world come to the trading Hub Center and they sell or buy stuff. As it’s a democratic country they have no king or ruler but rather a government that every four years choose a new president.

To give you an idea of how it looks like.

Its environment is filled with simple architecture while also filled with nature, hills, grasslands and farming animals. It’s the closest thing you can get for a utopia, but even so, the Republic itself isn’t always perfect and they do make mistakes.[/details]

[details=The Elf Kingdom]
The Elf Kingdom is surrounded by large trees, making it a very dense forest that inside hides a beautiful crafted Elf City. In fact, it has been stated that when you walk inside the forest you don’t know when ti ends or where it begins as you find yourself in the City.

Most of the dwellings there are constructed off of a mix of wood and stone. Many having two or three stories at max while featuring high arches and pillars that mimic the natural structures of the trees with intertwining branches. Within a dwelling, most doorways were closed by an ornamental hanging of heavy fabric rather than a wooden door. These fabric door hanging, called veldaln, were beautiful, featuring delicate embroidery and feltwork that has been a family member’s labor of love for many years. Some show family portraits or woodland scenes, while many others feature the mother tree.

The Elfs leave peaceful with one another under the rule of a King and a Queen, though they are peaceful creatures they too share their fair bit in the military as well as in blacksmithing, having a big competition with the Dwarf Kingdom as to which Country’s Blacksmith is the best.

The Elfs are one of those races that use magic and are at peace and live with their environment, this time being the forest their so-called home, they will protect it at all cost.

A few concept arts to show you how it looks like,[/details]

[details=The Dwarf Kingdom]The Dwarf Kingdom is mostly surrounded by hills and forest, their house design is square with very little houses having an archway. The material they use is stone but inside their houses, it’s pretty cozy.

They don’t lack in the military department but they are exceptional at making weapons, often due to their pride and a bit of racism backlash against the Elfs they consider themselves the best country with the best blacksmiths one can get their hands on.

Though they are small they have a big ego, big heart and a heck of a hot temper. Everyone knows that they also can be very stubborn so everyone should be on their good side. Of course, like any other kingdom, it is ruled by a King and Queen who are equally as stubborn as a dwarf can ever get.

Though they are stubborn as a rock, they are bound by a code of honor but sometimes they let their pleasures get the best of them such as eating meat, having golden trinkets and expensive jewelry and alcoholic drinks like rum, wine and so on.

Some art,h_2276,q_75,strp/battle_axe__iron_fortress_by_willobrien_d8a47ej-fullview.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7ImhlaWdodCI6Ijw9MjI3NiIsInBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcLzdhYTlkMzgzLTI4MzctNDFhYS1iN2I3LThmODMxYzAwZGRlZlwvZDhhNDdlai0yNjgzOTljMy0yNjgwLTQ5M2UtYWJlZS1kMjNiYmYwNTcwMzcuanBnIiwid2lkdGgiOiI8PTEyODAifV1dLCJhdWQiOlsidXJuOnNlcnZpY2U6aW1hZ2Uub3BlcmF0aW9ucyJdfQ.tZnwOCdEJBn0gTps35bQNM-V4qGyCHdD8auUexCrLm4[/details]

[details=Starwalker Tribe]The Starwalker Tribe is made out of multiple Tribes, each having their specific culture and influence. But together they came up with Astronomy, they were the first to discover that the stars themselves are planets, comets, suns, and even galaxies.

Their race is called Starwalker because when they are born, even from birth they have their signature ability which is Celestial Vision. It allows them to look far into the sky and even outside, reaching towards space. That is how they were able to learn about the stars, know how many they are and gave them names.

But their vision works at best when it’s night because there isn’t the sunlight that damages the sensible eyes of the Starwalkers so during the day they wear sunglasses when conducting their ability in whatever they may choose to do.

They are peaceful though there have been a few conflicts within the tribe and outside. Most of the Starwalkers are caring ornamental accessories on themselves, such as rings, earrings, necklaces, piercings, etc.

However, one day the Isotixians have found their way into the Starwalker tribe and they began a raid, a raid that left them almost extinct as they killed women, children, and men that stood in their way. There are very few survivors of the Starwalker race and the ones that have been scattered across the world either don’t know they can come back, don’t want to or have a new life where they currently are.

The Starwalker tribe is in ruins and it awaits for someone to hopefully one day rebuild it.

How the Starwalker tribe looked like before it was in ashes.

[details=The Dark Elf Kingdom]The Dark Elf Kingdom is made out of well more darker and evil versions of the Elfs, though they are neutral evil at best they can condone actions that seem selfish towards everyone but justified in their views. They see as their Elf counterpart as weak, they concentrate too much at living with the environment instead of taking its resources and proceed with science.

One might say the Dark Elfs are against nature and that is true as they take Nature’s resources to proceed with their scientifical plans, as they take the approach of modern-day technology and science to heart like Elfs do with magic.

They live in the underground with houses made out of bricks, wood, and stone to accommodate the warmth inside the houses and keep them from freezing to death.

Their King and Queen are questionable at best but they simply don’t care too much about the outside world as they put their efforts into their plans. Of course, no other being but the Dark Elfs live in there as they do not accept foreigners into their underground kingdom.

A concept as to what it looks like[/details]

[details=The Dark Dwarf Kingdom]Like the Dark Elfs, the Dark Dwarfs live underground and they are the worst characteristics that a Dwarf can or will have. They don’t craft their weapons they go in small packs to perform small raids that steal weapons and claim that there are theirs.

Dark Dwarfs are mean, merciless, dishonest, they know no honor, they steal what is not theirs and lie like humans easily breathe and live. They are more racist and cruel towards Elfs and they have been working more than a few times with the Isotix Empire for personal gains but even now and then when they try to stab Versing in the back he reminds them where their place is at. In a way whenever Versing needs them they will come, of course, for the right price as they love gold, especially jewelry and drinks.

Concept art on how their kingdom looks like.[/details]

[details=The Forbidden Land]The Forbidden Land was once a fertile, peaceful, beautiful, filled with life land. Until its inhabitants made their Kingdom around a mysterious Gate, which they call it as the Gate. When the people studied it’s engraved carvings, they read that it had the miraculous ability to grand those which it deemed worthy, the ability to ascend to a higher form of being. However, due to their ignorance in understanding that the ability the Gate promised was not without consequences.
The so-called Chosen by the Gate were transformed into hideous aberrations of flesh and fang. Within a few days’ notices, the Gate’s so-called Blessings, made the majority of the Forbidden Land’s population reduced to mindless twisted beasts. News quickly spread of the magical fallout emanating from the Forbidden Land, causing the neighboring countries to close their borders and place the Kingdom under Quarantine. Nobody passing through the Republic or, the Dark Dwarf Kingdom would dare to venture into those lands for fear of what still dwelled within.
The Forbidden Land is nothing but a wasteland and a mere shadow or reflection as to what it truly once was. It is said that its King is still alive, floundering about the wasteland, from place to place like a wandering Ghost who seeks out a conclusion.[/details]

[details=Ice Kingdom]Very little is known about the Ice Kingdom. Though what is known about is that it has not been fully explored and that the temperatures there are very extreme below zero. The only lifeforms that live in the Ice Kingdom is King Klaus with his Kindred of Snow Warriors in the Ice Castle.

An illustration as to what the Ice Kingdom looks like.[/details]

Of course, these are not, over the top, to the maximum bone, descriptive detailed information about each Country. It’s there to serve as an idea as to what they look like, what races there are, where they live and so on.

During the course RP when you will be hunting for Artifacts you will get to see most of the lands with a few descriptive details about it.

The Artifacts

The Artifacts are either, tools, weapons or things that have been created a very long time ago by the ancient ancestors of every country, there are seven know artifacts in the whole world, these are:

[details=The Great Nest of Dragopia Artifact]Sunlight Blade: The Sunlight Blade is the most powerful ancient artifact and weapon in the world. The Blade itself is older than Dragopia and it was made a long time ago, its true origin unknown, some may say it was made by the bones of an incredibly powerful Elder Dragon, some say it was made with the resources of a meteorite that hit Dragopia during its prehistoric age and sat there while worshipped by the dragons until the modern-day came and used it to create this weapon.
Whatever is true what is know about this blade is that it was made by a compatible with magic and nigh-indestructible material, being one of the most durable things in the whole world, it was also said that the best blacksmiths and craftsmanship have joined together in crafting this weapon. The process is said to have taken seven days and seven nights to make, the process itself is very tedious, as nothing but thermal energy of the Sun was used to melt it and cast it out into its blade form. Being the best blade of high caliber having no weakness and efficiency with magic, it suits Michael Bloodfang the best.
The Golden Sunlight Blade can summon or channel thermal energy from the sun and it also makes full use of Michael’s elemental manipulation and energy manipulation abilities, casting out waves of elemental energy that can crack the ground, shatter or create a crater and there is seemingly nothing in the world that can withstand its might and sharp, cutting capabilities. The only artifact that has been speculated that can take a strike from it was Tiara’s Shield. It can’t be broken or shattered. The only weapons that stand a chance are the other artifacts that are throughout the world. This artifact lies safely in Michael’s possession and security.[/details]

[details=The Starwalker Tribe Artifact]Thunderstorm: This longbow is the Artifact of the Starwalker Tribe, it is a relic of the past, long forgotten into the depths of the Tribe. Laying there to rest into a perpetual maelstrom of wind and electricity in the Elemental Plane of Air. This bow had been made by a rare metal that proved to be durable and capable enough to absorb supernatural and elemental magic. During thunderstorms or any other storm, during those decades and even centuries of the Starwalker Tribe’s prosperity, it absorbed the volatile magic of lightning, thunder and weather storms. Whoever uses this bow has complete control over the weather. The arrow that is shot by this bow goes as fast as lightning, and when it hits a target, while still alive that person becomes a living conduit for electricity for a straight minute (two posts).[/details]

[details=The Kingdom of Cloudia Artifact]Tiara’s Shield: Tiara’s Shield is also a relic of old. Many people confuse Tiara as the Queen of Old of this Kingdom but it wasn’t true. She gave up her supposed lineage of being the next Queen and decided to be a Warrior rather than a Queen. She was a formidable fighter and had a shield that was crafted by a Dragon Blacksmith, those are very rare indeed as they craft the most destructive of weapons. She was the very first person to discover Dragopia but didn’t know it was a country yet, so she was gifted this shield because of something she did that helped the Dragon Lord. The Shield is indestructible, nothing can pierce it, nothing can shatter it, nothing can eat it away and it also has magic immunity and it’s also practical in being thrown as a deadly weapon.
The shield has three diamonds inside of it, two are visible but whenever the third one shifts or appears the user that has this shield can project a force field, magic barrier or an energy shield that can be shrunk into different sizes and shapes.

[details=The Ipptotismos Kingdom Artifact]The Calibur Sword: Calibur Sword is thought to be the matched rival of the Sunlight Blade, it has almost the same explanation as to how it was made like the Sunlight Blade. One theorized that it was made out of the same material that the Sunlight Blade was made out of, which gives them cosmetic like abilities, being able to use and warp energy and elements to their will.
Unlike the Sunlight Blade, the Calibur Sword can control any and every known element, every time it does it changes the color of the blade into that specific element as well as energy manipulative abilities. However, the sword can be wielded whenever the strongest swordsman in Ippotismos gets defeated in a fair dual, only then the sword will show itself and can be wielded and taken out of its eternal rocking slumber.,h_719,q_70,strp/crysajinn__vindicator_xiii_by_wayanoru_d9p375e-pre.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7ImhlaWdodCI6Ijw9MjU4OCIsInBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcL2RmMmNjZDkzLWE2MzEtNGI4OC1iZjExLTM3YzBhYjRjOTYyY1wvZDlwMzc1ZS1hY2ZjY2RkNy1hMWQ5LTRhNDEtOWQ2Yy0xODYzZmRlNmNhMjAuanBnIiwid2lkdGgiOiI8PTQwMDAifV1dLCJhdWQiOlsidXJuOnNlcnZpY2U6aW1hZ2Uub3BlcmF0aW9ucyJdfQ.mGAt2nMXplbYfGCDeG6jw5wcb9WhfRnP-WAxrFKrVqs[/details]

Isotix Empire Artifact

The Pelt of Strength: The Isotixian Artifact is the Pelt of Strength, its origin lost through time, however, it is believed that it was a gift of the Celtic Gods to the Isotixians. The Pelt of Strength dates even the earliest years of the Isotix Empire’s first beginnings. This black furry bear-like pelt is a cape that gives the user super strength and ferocity. It stands as a Token of Pride for the Isotixian people and unfortunately while it gives the user incredible super-strength, those who use it for too long become mindless beasts that have nothing but bloodlust and the thought of fighting on the battlefield in mind.

[details=The Dwarf Kingdom Artifact]The Warhammer: During the beginning of the Dwarven age, a blacksmith of old as he is now depicted crafted a weapon to satisfy the king who required one to fight in battles. After three days the blacksmith was done and he crafted a great Warhammer weapon that was able to crack the ground by simply slamming it down with enough force, depending on who wielded it.
It had a glowing purple aura, whenever charged it created massive explosive shockwaves that would take hoards of warriors down with ease. It also can crack dents into the most durable of weapons, it is a formidable weapon not to be wrecking with.[/details]

[details=The Forbidden Land Artifact]The Gate: Unlike other Artifacts that were created from and by the inhabitants of the other Kingdoms, the people of the forbidden lands founded their Kingdom around The Gate. The Gate’s carvings detail that it has the miraculous ability to grant those it deems “Worthy” the ability to ascend to a “Higher form of Being” what the people of the Kingdom failed to understand was that this ability the gate promised was not without consequences.
The “Chosen” by the Gate were transformed into hideous aberrations of flesh and fang. Within a few days of the Gate’s “Blessing,” the majority of the Forbidden Lands’ population were reduced to mindless twisted beasts. News quickly spread of the magical fallout emanating from the Forbidden Lands, causing the neighboring countries to close their borders and place the Kingdom under Quarantine. Nobody passing through the Republic or, The Dark Dwarf Kingdom would dare to venture into those lands for fear of what still dwelled within.

Credit to @Bramsley for hooking me up with this artwork.[/details]


Name: Ashkey
Aliases: Silent Knife, Quiet Edge, Night Killer
Alignment: True Neutral
Affiliation: None
Home: The Forbidden Land
Race: Dark Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Apparent Age: 15
Eyes: Red
Skin: Dark grey/blue
Height: Medium height, about 5 feet tall
Weight: about 40 punds
Build: small, slim, and skinny.
Hair: Jet-black, often contained within her hood or in a ponytail.
Accessories: A slim-fitted jumpsuit with a hood and a belt with pouches.
Personality: Ashkey is quiet and reserved, even to her closest friends.
Equipment and Weapons: Ashkey wields two long daggers, as well as a bow. She also carries a grappling hook.
Powers and Abilities: Ashkey is able to blend into shadows, as well as stay perfectly still and become unseen. If Ashkey has enough strength, and focus, she can even turn invisible for a short amount of time. As a natural ability from being a Dark Elf, her footsteps are absolutely noiseless.
Backstory: Ashkey was born and abandoned. As a small child she learned to stick to the shadows and avoid attention. She gained much skill at diverting targets’ attention in order to snatch food or supplies. She searches for some higher calling, something that will bring her more meaning than being a petty thief in the night.


@meepinater, she is accepted. Welcome to the RP!


Name: Reyna

Aliases: None.

Alignment: Neutral Good(ish)

Affiliation: She has no affiliation she can remember.

Home: She woke up outside Tempus City, so probably there.

Race: Genasi, Earth Element

Gender: Female

Age: early 20s.

Apparent Age: around the same.

Eyes: a reddish grey

Skin: midtone grey

Height: 5’ 4"

Weight: roughly 170 lbs

Build: lean, but not weak.

Hair: Dark brown.

Accessories: A dark green cloak, seemingly made out of leaves or something, that can wrap around her body and has a hood.

Personality: She’s sarcastic at times, but this is a facade for her kind nature. While not unsociable, she is relatively quiet.

Equipment and Weapons: A bow and arrows, a pair of shortswords, and a small notebook, quill, and inkpot.

Powers and Abilities: She can blend into stone or dirt structures by her, and she has the ability to magically enhance her arrows(each with a ten post cooldown), which can either create a fissure where it lands, stone spires, or send a flurry of sharp stones flying after it.

If she remembered it, she’d tell you. One day she woke up outside Tempus City, bloodied side, with her weapons nearby, and without memory of really anything that’d happened. She was lucky she could remember her name. She went into the city to look for answers, and continues to go around searching for anything she can do to either get her mind off of it, or try to figure out what happened, depending on the day.


@MichaelBT-7474 Are there any gods in the setting? Been thinking about trying out for a crusader-type character.


@Chronicler Um, there are no real Cosmic Entities in this RP but there are Gods that people worship for whatever reason they decided to worship.

If you are looking for a crusader-typer character, assuming that it’s a knight, your best bet is either the Ippotismos Kingdom, the Knights there are specialized in the offensive and my other suggestion would be the Kingdom of Cloudia, they are specialized n the defensive, so they work closely together.

If you have more questions, please ask away.

@Runa she is accepted. Welcome to the RP!


Actually, I’ve been wondering if I could do the Celtic kingdom as a knight, if that is OK? I’m quite familiar with Celtic myth and lifestyle. Was hoping to do a crusader/druid devoted to Lugh or Morrigan.


@Chronicler Oh that is perfectly fine. I was just suggesting. You can make a Celtic Warrior that worships a Celtic God or Goddess and fights like a beast.


Name: Clawripper

Aliases: The Hero of the war. (Only in his home village)

Alignment: lawful moral

Affiliation: an ex-soldier of the Great Nest of Dragopia

Home: from a village hardly worth mentioning in the above country.

Race: Dragon of night.

Gender: Male

Age: 380

Apparent Age: Unless they are ancient, or newborn, they all kinda look the same after a certain point.

Eyes: dazzling blue with whirls of red

Skin: sturdy black dragon scales, with silver scales on the undersides of his wings and torso, that look like the night sky

Height: about 8’ 4" in normal four legged posture, from shoulder to foot.

Weight: about a ton or so.

Build: average, for a dragon, a bit bulkier than most due to his intense training.

Hair: none

Accessories: Dragons don’t wear clothes, I presume, so I’ll include distinguishing features. Slightly longer than normal tail spike, and a scar across his right eyelid.

Personality: A bit gruff, but good hearted. Willing to help those in need.

Equipment and Weapons: Basic Sergeant armor from his days in the military. A full military kit from the afore mentioned military days. A decent amount of money as a pension, refreshed every 3 months. (I’ll let you decide the appropriate amount)

Powers and Abilities: basic night dragon powers. Flame breath, which can be used non-stop for about minute. Premonitions, can trigger premonitions for things about to happen a few moments in the future, good for spotting traps. Can see farther, but he cannot trigger it by his own will power. Other usual dragon equipment, natural strength, claws, teeth, etc.

Backstory: a simple dragon, from a simple town. He’s a trained fighter, but couldn’t be happier to be out the military. His village considers him a hero, even though he insists that he didn’t do anything amazing.


Name: Ernesto

Aliases: Just Ernesto

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Affiliation: whoever’s against Micheal’s rule

Home: The Great Nest

Race: Wind Dragon

Gender: Male

Age: 50

Apparent Age: 30

Eyes: Naturally yellow, but bloodshot and hazy from lack of sleep

Skin: white and pale blue scales

Height: 24 feet when on all fours, 48 when on his hind legs

Weight: 1600 pounds

Build: below average strength and size for a Dragon his age and grows weaker the longer he goes without sleep.

Accessories: None

Personality: Ernesto tends to be Aloof and absent minded when it comes to dealing with others. It’s not that he doesn’t care or want to interact with others, it’s that he feels like he’s transitioning into another plane of existence and is unsure of who or what will follow him there.

Equipment and Weapons: None

Powers and Abilities: As a Wind Dragon, Ernesto is a speedy flyer, and his large lungs allow him to exhale a strong gust of air at his foes.

Backstory: At some point or another, Ernesto had witnessed some manner of atrocity committed by Michael’s forces, where it was or what actually happened, he has trouble remembering, but it was enough for him to panic and flee for his own safety. His growing paranoia began to gnaw at Ernesto’s mind to the point of him renouncing sleep in fear of being unprepared for attacks from “them.” Having gone several days without sleep, he had become prone to delirium and hallucinations. Ernesto truely and fully believes himself to have been opened up to a new spiritual and mental plane of existence where he must contend with strange and imagined threats supposedly sent by his nemesis. As time goes on, the more that fantasy and reality blurr for Ernesto, and he has begun to have trouble focusing on the here and now. Despite his weakening strength, Regardless of circumstance, Ernesto will not rest until Michael pays for his crimes.


Not entirely sure if everything’s fine but I guess we can deal with that later.

Name: Drakoniarh

Aliases: Drackh (it’s basically just the name on short)

Alignment: True Neutral

Affiliation: Dragopia

Race: Dragon

Gender: Male

Home: Dragopia

Gender: Male

Eyes: Blazing orange

Skin: The Drakoniarh is has a strong layer of metal scales covering his actual black body.

Height: 5 meters (about 19 feet)

Personality: At the first glance he would look like a terrifying dragon, but anyone who stays a good time with him would probably realize his intentions are not bad. He is a pretty solitary being.

Powers and abilities: A lot of strength , fire breath

Backstory: The Drackh is part of an almost extinct type of dragons. Because of that he now lives a very lonely life, away from the most communities.

Full image of appeareance:


So I wanted to apologize because I haven’t posted this important information. It was my mistake but for those who want to do Dragons. Here is a short description of their age, please read it because it is important to your character.

The Lifecycle of Dragons

Hatchling (1-10 years): During these years the dragon does most of its growing gaining approximately one foot of height per year until they reach six feet tall. Their wings reach the proper ratio and the length does as well.

Broodling (10-50 years): Considered the “emotional” formative years the young dragons continue to grow and mature. Final scales are hardened and the dragons reach full size. (Full size ranges from 6-15 feet tall).

Adult (50-500 years): At the full size and considered mature the dragons are now taught the “spiritual” part of their life. They often gain bony protrusions, horns, and tougher scales since this is the only phase of their life when they are not actively getting larger.

Prime (500-1000 years): If a dragon survives this long they enter the second phase of growth, adding as much as 3-5 feet in height.

Senior (1000-5000 years): The second stage of growth continues. New magics are learned including astral phasing. The dragons can reach a maximum height of 30-35 feet.)

Elder (5000-death) At the full size and maximum skill these dragons are nearly unkillable and can live out a full life of 10,000 years or more. They begin to age and weaken at around 7,000 years.

Note: Your age limit to your Dragon character is to Prime age 500-1000 and no more. Because Dragons grow stronger as they age and I think for you guys the age of 1000 is enough.

Judging by the age he’ll be an Adult.

Dragons don’t really use armor, their scales and endurance grow strong as they age but since you don’t have stated that he is strong with magic and all of that. I can let you have the armor, for defensive purposes.

And assuming he is against Michael’s rule, yes?

Can you explain to me this power a bit more clearly, please?


@Traykar for a moment you had me worried. I thought he was with Michael lol, anyway, accepted.

@Toa_Radrix There are no metal dragons. The only dragons that seem metal like are the Chrome ones that have scales made out of gold, diamond and so on. You can have him breathe fire without melting because it’s not biologically possible. Also please give him an age.

Also on the side note I would prefer if you would find images for your characters, I mean it’s a minor nitpick, nothing to be enforced, just in case you have problems with describing your character.

So I strongly advise you all read this post thoroughly and then fix your character sheets to get accepted.

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Name: Candall MacArdal

Aliases: Wolf-Slayer, Branch of the Druids, Knight of the Green

Alignment: Lawful Good

Affiliation: A loyal knight of the druids. He is incredibly devout to the Tuatha De Denaan, the great house of fey called the “gods” of the Celts, featuring Lugh and Morrigan.

Home: Isotix Empire

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 53

Eyes: Brown

Skin: Caucasian, but tan.

Height: 5’11’’

Weight: 163 lbs

Build: A beefy man, with an underbite and long arms.

Hair: Dark red (with some grey streaks), cut at the bottom of his neck.

Accessories: Candall often wears a decorated wreath around his helmet, a symbol of the druids he works for. His armor also has the mark of a bloodied hand upon his chest plate. Across his armor he wears a tartan color cloth, showing green. He carries a wolf pelt across his shoulders. His face is covered with painted blue swirls, as well as his arms if they are bare.

Personality: Candall is a loudly-spoken man, hardy and a great drinking buddy. He enjoys a good bit of pipe weed, and a wonderful laugh. He is highly conservative, loving the ideas of family and tradition which he thinks are the pillars of society.

He unfortunately has a guilt complex, often feeling he cannot change the world’s evils no matter what he tries. He also lacks tact, is incredibly blunt, and will mention whatever is on his mind, even if it hurts the feelings of anyone around.

Equipment and Weapons:

  • A claymore hand-and-half sword, his prized possession. It is enameled colors of green upon the hilt, a symbol of honor to the druids. He also has a kite shield, allowing himself to cover his legs and arms.

  • He had a normal long straight sword with the second function of combining it, with another Blade that would rest against his back. It wasn’t heavy, so it wouldn’t hinder his movements. As when combined, Candall would have a Greatsword that causes significant damage.

  • Most of his armor is chain mail, but he bears a plate mail cuirass and a great helm. Underneath he wears special padding, and a kilt covers his legs along with chain leggings.

  • A few branches of elm which he carries for druidic rituals and spells.

  • A horn, which he can blow.

  • A harp he plays, in reverence to the god Lugh.

  • About 30 gold pieces upon himself.

Powers and Abilities: Candall understands warfare and often carries his claymore to fight back his enemies. He has trained in heavy armor enough that it no longer slows him down, becoming a formidable foe if you get on his bad side.

Candall, besides being a skilled fighter, also understands a limited amount of druidic magic. He can manipulate plants, talk with animals and command them, and knows how to heal his allies. However, doing this too much can place too much duress on himself and he can become exhausted. Thus, he must be careful!

Backstory: Candall grew up trying to train to become a warrior. He was very devout to the core values, turning himself into a “crusader” as they called him. His lawfulness let him persevere in his training, soon becoming formidable with a claymore. He also met a friend, named Draig, whom he stuck beside in training.

Unfortunately, when travelling around the lands of Isotix, him and Draig were attacked by a pack of wolves. Draig would be mauled apart by the wolves while Candall proved victorious. As Draig laid dying, he placed his hand upon Candall’s chest plate. Candall swore a blood oath, to protect the helpless in the name of Draig. Candall would feel guilt for the rest of his life, feeling he failed to protect his friend.

Candall turned to the druids of Isotix, whom started to continue his training. He would take a decade to complete his minimal training. He would be deemed a green knight, and with his powers and claymore in hand, he went off into the world to fulfill the blood oath to his friend.



Fine with me.

Basically, the night sub-species of dragon, can see a few seconds into the future. Not much, and it’s usually incredibly specific, but useful for infiltration, and detecting traps. Not very useful in battle, unless in a duel with no distractions.

The can have visions farther in the future, but these both infrequent, and unreliable, as anything could prevent them coming true, though sapient beings tended to cause them to happen BECAUSE of the vision. These cannot be triggered through willpower like the small, short ones described above, but happen at random.

Basically, a potential plot device that may never be used.

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Here’s a sketch of Ernesto


@Chronicler bravo, I like the character. Accepted and Welcome to the RP!

@ProfSrlojohn oh alright. I was just trying to make sure what that is and have a few other questions answered down the line so accepted. Welcome to the RP!

@Traykar looks good.

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And don’t sweat it, it’s your job. I kinda went overboard on purpose, it’s always better to cut some off, than to not have enough, to use a carpentry rule of thumb.

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I appreciate the kind words, and you’re mostly welcome. It will take a while till I finally release the RP itself. I’m waiting for a good size of players to start with, so yeah.

Here is a question, would you like me to firstly show a brief flashback post of the Villains of this Story in the RP or already post them in their own post here?

Hrm… I’m not sure… I would put it in the RP, or in separate literature topic.

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