The Companion: Jeris 2.0 (Overhaul Upgrade)

Working upon the suggestions on the origininal Jeris, I decided to turn her into a custom matoran ala the 2003 matoran type, only with hero factory parts. Smaller, has gorilla arms, has a custom head with paper for eyes, and a thin body…seems fine to me. I do admit though that the body aint pretty and the black and grey neck are deterrents…


poses based on her old poses


Pretty cool.

This design is awesome, I love the paper for eyes, so creative. Maybe some weapons? Anyways great Moc and keep on mocing!

Those huge formars are very unorthodox… and yet I love them! I recommend getting rid of the paper eyes though. Have you tried custom-built System heads?

I might try the head. Also the fore-arms are based on the MoL design and most designs based on most arms like it


Like @legomaster1378 said, you should try custom-built System heads instead of paper. I’d also recommend using smaller arm plates for some better proportions. Great job. :smile:

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