The Conduit - A Kopaka '15 + Obi-Wan Combo

so yeah i made a combo model like 6 months ago, took pictures of it, and never bothered to do anything with it

The Conduit are a mysterious group of creatures that live in the mountains of Okoto. Not much is known about them, other than that they are very territorial. They appear to have some sort of energy beacon located on their backs, which they guard with their lives. Perhaps it is the source of their elemental ice powers?

so yeah this is some sort of thing

i wanted to play around with a non-conventional build, hence the head being at the bottom of the build

did it work?
i dunno
but i had fun building it so that’s all that matters to me :grinning:

i could have sworn i made a crumbo model for this but i can’t find it
instead enjoy this thing from when i was 11

also if you’re interested here’s some instructions for the Conduit

okay that’s it bye


Slime ur gud at combos

12/10 good doggo


Sorry Slime, but the first model is legitimately the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

that second MOC though… Now that’s a true masterpiece.

/s; It’s pretty cool Slimbo. That head looks pretty legit.


Is that Velika’s true form.

(Looks rad!, really liking that spear)


But aren’t all Mocs just combo models, on a much grander scale?

I like it…


Pretty much, but a lot of the idea is restricting parts available while still looking good, something this MOC does very well.

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That’s… actually really impressive. I love the head.

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Essentially, yeah. What I personally consider a “combo model” is a MOC that uses parts from 2-6ish sets, and has a good blend of those parts. So for example, I wouldn’t consider Tahu '16 with Tahu '15’s weapons a combo model, simply because it doesn’t merge enough aspects of those two sets.



that thing you made when you were 11 reminds me so much of the stuff i did bak then, from the photography to the posing to the moc itself-but it irks me that the handle to the bordakh staff doesnt look like it can come out.

The second one is amazing.

How interesting…

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The First moc reminds me of a grunt from Halo