The Corrupted MOC

Hello again! Here is my 3rd MOC (MOCs), “The Corrupted” as i like to call them.

Euhg, can’t seem to get good lighting. Sorry about that.

So, i devised a story for these guys. These were all former Toa, that where transformed and corrupted by the Mask of Control, and are forced to serve as Skull warriors, even though their independent thoughts remain those of a Toa.

So there are 3 of these guys. A bigger fire villain, and then two small, about the same size as the regular skull villains, other figures, which are of the ice and jungle elements.

Shot of both the ice and jungle villains

Front on shot of the jungle villain

Front on shot of the ice villain

Front shot of fire villain

Fire villains left arm

Shot of all three villains, with their backs turned.

I hope you enjoyed, and again, i apologise for the horrible lighting and sub-par image quality.
Leave your tips and feedback below!


these look pretty cool but may I suggest taking better photos because these ones are a little blurry

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Yeah i know, i might retake/start using a better camera.
So far it’s just the one on my laptop. :stuck_out_tongue:

These are cool, they’d fit in nicely with the Skull Villains. :smile:

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These are really neat. I wish we would of gotten these instead of Skull Grinder or Skull Scorpio.

Wooooooooooooow. :heart_eyes_cat:

They look fine, but they look to much like slightly rearranged skull villains to me. Except the red one. He’s cool.

Yeah, i was going to try to make the green and blue ones bigger and cooler, but i didn’t really have enough parts, so i went for a design much more like the actual set for those ones.