The Corrupter Phazon (self MOC)

So this is my self MOC...
I based him off of the Metroid video game series, whitch is why he has an arm cannon. I gave him a massive sword because zelda and FF IIX so yeah.


Plural's Quick Review:

  • Color Scheme is overall consistent
  • Definite Bulk Master
  • Like the Legs
  • the Master Gears on the arms stick too far out
  • Zamor Sphere on the middle of the chest is pretty strange
  • Uses a stand to stay up
  • Really Busy

I would give this MOC an overall rating of an 8.5/ 10.

Greamazing Job! smiley

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Well, impressive size, and nice use of CCBS.

The eyes have a little trouble focussing on one thing, as it is quite a busy MOC, however it seems very consistent. I love the sword, it look GR8. As plural said, the zamor in the chest seems a little weird, as does the seemingly random? black string from his left hand. The side thigh armour/kama looks great, as does the torso armour (aside from the zamor). The main issue I have however, is the tiny size of his elbows! in my eyes, his arms wouldn't work too well?

Overall however, a really gr8 MOC m8. Much Appreci8.

MOC is very,very messy. i can't make up what is what


Good Colours.
Solid build.
I like Metroid so the I can say the inspiration is well thought out.
The armour is a tad jumbled in some areas like the torso.

Only needs a little tuning.

metroid prime inspired moc? instant 10/10 high five mate.

I liked twice and it deleted my like.

It's not as messy as some of your robot MOCs, but I do agree.

I like what you're trying to go for, you made whole custom limbs and a torso and everything. The shape seems nice enough, for what it is but it looks very cluttered while the trans thigh pieces stick out like a sore thumb. I'm not a big fan of the black head, I'd make a white one if it were possible, though many pieces used on it simply don't come in white.

I'm not going to leave a rating, won't really help you in the grander scheme of things. Keep it up though, there's no way I can make a moc that large, and make it look at least a bit consistent.

The whole scale and shape of the MOC looks good and it has a nice colorscheme. Though it's very busy looking and could use a bit less greebling.

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Grate moc although it looks a little clustered towards the top near the head

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Seriously though, this guy is really cool. He reminds me of Thardus from Metroid Prime


All I see is a mess of blue and black.

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This looks pretty cool! 7.5/10

all I see is a black and blue blob with stumps which I assume are legs,

I genuinely can't tell what's what, it just looks like a mess of parts to me.

Ikr some areas do look messy and some bits clash together with one another (particularly around the arms).i also do have an issue with Zamor as well it sticks out to much (it originally in silver), I'm going to have to make a construction for the blue sphere.
My biggest problem is the arms, having joints that connect the shoulders to the torso does give the MOC more articulation (witch with out the shoulder joints would have non) but it is a massive pain with all the parts surrounding it (also connecting the shoulders to the torso is a friction joint witch is spray painted mata blue (witch gives it TOO MUCH friction).
Compared to the other MOCs I've made it's just above the rest and is the 4th complex out of them all.
Along with the horrible lighting I can see why you would be confused but when you've been building a MOC for 3 years you get use to the messy design.
But hey nothing is perfect.
I respect all criticism and ideas.

Thank you

I just realized what your avatar is.




I have to say, that sword is amazing

Its obviously Omega @Ekorak

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I'm not even going to ask how you got to that conclusion.

Way too bulky to be me anyway.

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