The Cradle

Sleep, little child, go to sleep,
Mother is here by thy bed,
Sleep, little child, go to sleep,
Rest on thy pillow thy head,
The world is silent and still,
The moon shines bright on the hill,
And creeps past thy window sill…
Sleep, little child, go to sleep,
Oh sleep, go to sleep.


Absolutely outstanding work! Is the figure one of those Technic figures?

Has a nice eerie feel to it.

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Super creepy and well built. Getting some mad Matrix vibes


Dangit. You beat me to my own comment!


Creepy, I like it.

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Like everyone says it’s creepy and at the same time it looks alien like.

Simply wonderful.

A clever Brachiosaurus neck-like capsule build, the neck is flawless and I notice the figure can’t fit unless the head is removed.

This is great! I can’t figure out how you got the neck to work though…

I think it’s actually a Lego Belville figure if I’m not mistaken

Looks like something out of the Alien franchise.

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What works best about this piece is how grounded it is in its science fiction roots, having a distinctive shape that feels very alien. In a way, it is reminiscent to certain sleeping capsules from various franchises, but still has certain qualities that make it very unique. Overall this is a simple but imaginative work.

Oh yeah, forgot about those.

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I like this, very unnerving. Certainly seems like it would fit in amongst things from the Alien franchise.

You do a great job with the body!

Amazing shaping and moc, but the entire thing just feels… wrong, creepy like something out of a horror film, which is only accentuated by the poem, which is seemingly childish and innocent.

I love the way you made the neck of the cradle almost spine-like.

Your MOCs are always very unique and cleverly built. A lot of them give me a Simon Stålenhag or even an H.R. Giger kind of vibe, and I like that.

Is that another doggone headless Belville figure

Nice MOC, a little confusing but good regardless. Keep up the good work!

Absolutely fantastic, i really enjoy the overall design of the whole thing and its style really stands out