The Crash

The events of this story are entirely fictitious and so are all characters, real locations are used however
Michael Arthur Syd was confirmed to be an alcoholic, despite this, no one knew the consequences of the Spanish rally crash of 1996, the police found out he wasn’t high in the car

A bright blue car drives down the desert, it is covered in yellow markings and a white box with a black number 5 drives through the track, he is in the lead ahead of a red and green rally car, numbered 6, the red car’s driver is named John Scott, the blue car’s, Michael, John drives as fast as he can but Michael swerves and takes another victory, second place is taken by John… again!
John kicks his car, he is ticked and he sees Michael take another golden cup!

Two weeks later, John has spent more time training, he eventually manages to to take the lead over Michael, but John stops, he’s had a gas spillage, what happens next no one is completely sure, no one knows who’s fault it is some say it’s John’s for suddenly managing to get a start others say it’s Michael’s for turning around too fast, Michael spins and drives into John at top speed, John starts his car and attempts to swerve away but his car slips on the petrol he’s spilt ad crashes into Michael, they try to stop but it’s too late, the two cars explode on impact and the drivers both die

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Closed at request of author