The creator? (mystery muaka nui character)

I bring you the creator of Dagarak's team.... Foxtopus the creator

Oh my Muaka what is that

The olmak given to Dagarak

I wanted a moc to represent my other username Foxtopus so why not make him a great being like character except very very silly


Very clever use of the arms.

the construction is clever and pretty good looking considering its 90% arms,

at first the pic of its "mouth" open creeped me out,
then I realised it looked like a muppet,

now I can't stop laughing, so I did this.


It's actually not the mouth, It was going to have a solid face but I ran out of parts and made the monstrosity of a moc with a face that opens up smile
Still working on that whale

Uhhhhh..... That's an animal of the bovine persuasion. Tis' not a creator.

I'd call it a muppet of the lovecraftian persuasion personally.

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He....he's an orange cow...

I was not expecting this.....