The cursed king

so here’s a moc i built of a king, a throne, and his pet. and i based is design on people with leprosy in ancient times, covering himself to hide the disease. so, some backstory:
long ago there lived a benevolent king, who was loved by many. but one day he was poisoned by one of his servants, so he gathered many doctors and men of healing in secret. but all they could do was slow the rate that he was dying. deciding to hide his aliment from his people, he covered up all he could when in the eyes of his people. to prevent the people’s despair. now his only goal is to ensure his kingdom’s survival
anyway here’s the moc:

the pet:

the king:

here’s the king without his armor/regalia:

and finally his throne/armor stand:

so thoughts, or criticism?


Really nice chair

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He’s pretty good, but frankly, some of the proportions (particularly when wearing armor) are not the best, and look a bit awkward. I dislike masks of control on huge MOCs because it’s such a tiny mask, and this is true here as well.
I do think that with some work, this MOC could be great. Keep trying!


I really like the build! I love how skinny he is! My only problem is the green claws.

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@king328 would you care to elaborate?
@decepticonaiden my intention was for the claws to be his actual skin though i can see your probem with it

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I don’t like how skinny he is, and the green claws are out of place. Since those are the only green pieces on the entire moc, they stick out too much. I’d suggest replacing them with red claws.


yeah i think i’ll end up replacing the fingers

I have the same opinion on the very skinny build and appearance, I don’t like the throne very much; sure the king can store his armor, but it’s still a gappy frame.

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For the skinny thing, which opinion do you agree with?

His head is too small and his big chest majesty it look smaller. His thighs are really skinny. Otherwise the pet and his build are good