The inspired moc

Last december my brother had asked me to make him a moc. He wanted something that had spinning guns for weapons. I asked for an example of what he wanted, he gave me And thats what i built.

My brother was pleasantly surprised, and totally didnt expect a pilot. Also a side note, the head is really off so that the head fits in the mech better. Weird that he mains mcree and wanted though.


not bad, thought the colors are really kinda messy.


So it could be given a better coulor scheme but i like it

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It’s a tad cluttered…

But i get the idea, it’s pretty legit.


Dang. I don’t play Overwatch, but this looks pretty nice. The color scheme is interesting as it reminds me of how D.Va’s mech (Exosuit? Mech? I’m not sure) is colored. Also I like the villager. The red, blue, and white color scheme looks pretty unique.


@Sammythekat Thanks, i was only working with the peices that he had so yeah :sweat_smile:

@Moonlight_Catfish thanks! My brother had alot of snow themed characters.

@Kan thanks! tried to make it resemble :smile:

@ChaoticTempleKnight thanks, i wanted people to be able to deviate which part is the pilot and which was the mech which explains his colour scheme.

Excellent concept and execution. Love the pilot as well.

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Thanks! But theres always room for improvement right? :grin:

Anyway,nice MOC, though a bit cluttered.


A bit messy colorwise, but as a secondary player I really apretiate it anyway.
@king328 well I’m going to take that picture now.

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those guns are beautiful!

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Now I really want to see Nuparu in a mech inspired boxor.

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@king328 @AwesomeJoel27 @yolo360nosescope thanks!
@PyroDillon that would be awesome to see.

This is great! I really like the half and half design of the pilot, and the mech looks awesome!

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This captures the stance of’s mech really well…

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Thanks! It took alot of friction adders lemme tell you that.

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What is a

Overwatch, buddy.

I don’t see nothing at your Moc who reminds me about the character. It looks more similar with a Boxor.