The Dancer

“Yes, indeed. The Boreal Valley is a cold, unforgiving place.
And yet, it is here where the mighty form.
In the frost and frigid
is born steel and grace.”

The Dancer of the Boreal Valley was definitely one of my favorite boss fights from Dark Souls. The atmosphere and design were simply amazing, I had to draw this boss for myself. Normally I’d post this under my art dump, but I decided that since I had put a solid amount of effort into this I ought to make it its own topic.


Does he tend to step on toes?

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I’ve gotta say, this looks pretty good!

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She typically doesn’t.

More often than not she slices them. Not your toes though, more like your torso.


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Personally I think Vordt never gets enough love

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I’ve tried before, but unfortunately I just can’t get down Frog-boy’s armor.

I thought vordt was a doggy boi

I think he is, he just looks more like a frog to me :stuck_out_tongue: