The Dark Templar

I made a MOC from a game called StarCraft II. It has LEGO bricks, CCBS, and Technic in its build. He walks the shadows. He has a staff with a psionic blade on each end. He uses pscionic energy for many things.

“From the shadows I come” - Dark Templar


good moc, but the lower legs are thin and the head is gappy.

considering the source material, he’s alright. I feel the color is an interesting choice. Guy needs a better back and the head on the back of the arm looks abit bulbous. The head sorta doesn’t match the texture of the moc.

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Ayy a StarCraft MOC :smiley:
You’ve got to work on the legs and shoulders though.

I really like the hammer

I really like the head’s use of system and constraction!

You were faster than me… I suck… :cry:</span class=“spoiler”>

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Is that a Zer’atai (Zerg-hunter) Dark Templar?

yes it is

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Doesn’t look like much has changed.
Interesting head design.