The Death Brothers, also if you are reading this, I need help!

The Death Brothers

The Death Brothers. Only outsiders fear the Khal’norr Gatz’ahx, because they are the ultimate menace for them. Azuraxx, the older brother is the Fast Death (called Khal’norr Kathaxx in the Language of the Ancients), carrying a scythe, the most well known equipment of the death. The younger brother is Nehkreaxx, the Slow Death (known as Khal’norr Khintokh in the Language of the Ancients), and he carries the Lantern of Misleading. Azuraxx is the taller and more muscular, while Nehkreaxx is the shorter and the thinner. Their strict Code contains only one rule, but that rule is their day, night and life: Do not kill any Trodax.
Azuraxx is recognised as a very good life insurance agent, in fact, in 4030, he made it into the top three best life insurance companies’ list. He has a very soft spot for Lady Catherine, he adores and respects her with full consciousness.
Nehkreaxx is the best, if you are searching for a pharmacist. He has reasonable prices, knows everything about poisons, drugs, he has a cure for at least a billion diseases and he is a great chat partner. He does not like the idle gossip, however.

Hello there, fellow MOCists! I need your help: I am currently developing a language. Now, before you leave this topic thinking “Eddie you are dumb”, please, read through. You won’t regret it. I would request your help with a project that I’m not really coping with: we could develop this Trodax language together. I made some basic progress, like:

  • Excluding the p b v c f j (as yotta) q and w letters from my palette of work,
  • Made some basic progress on wording, like: Zaan Koh’raak = Greetings; the aforementioned Khal’norr Gatz’ahx = (meaning literally) Death Brothers.
  • Some basic grammar: the “apostrophe” is followed by an accent, the “dash” is after an accent.
  • Names that tell you from the ‘wielder’: Asteratix: King of Lightning (Erath=Lightning), Dreadraxx/Adredraxx: Sound of Silence (Edrakh=Sound and Silence).

Thank you for reading, hope you can bring valuable and interesting new techniques to the table!



Interesting MOC’s. Interesting concept for the language, but I’m already busy working on a video game sorry.

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Thanks, mate. GLHF. :smile:

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those legs… are so wierd

I love it