The Destroyer

One of the top calabraxian generals out there. This monster is a hulking shark-like being after he was mutated on Calabrax 1. He eats his victims and answers to only one person…

He is called the Destroyer for a reason…
He is the 3rd most powerful person in my universe (not including God)
He is out for vengance for an unknown reason…

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You described him as being “shark-like”.
He doesn’t look like a shark. At all.
The lower jaw is not so great, but the color scheme is consistent enough.

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All I see is a pile of blades.

I can see what you were going for. But it needs some work to really bring that out.

It’d remove the blades on the top blaster first off, those are all most people will see. After that make the head a bit more pronounced and remove the Gali axes. I think it will be much easier for people to comprehend after that and have an overall much more solid look.

I… Have no idea what I’m looking at. I guess it has a fairly consistent color scheme??? But um… Well it looks like you emptied out your silver weapons depot and tried to cram everything into it.


It’s a spaceship dragon.

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You sure he’s not a… swordfish?

He’s nice I suppose. Nothing spectacular but it’s not half bad. I like the spacecraft look it has.

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His look is inconsistent, too many weapons and blades, I can barely see a fish in the design, the color scheme; it needs help, and the head plain old sucks.
I also get the feeling the tail can transform into legs but I’m probably wrong. Might want to fix that.

New, fuller looking head.
Blades on the arms and tail with maybe a horn on his head; that’s it.
Remove all guns or relocated one or two to his arms or shoulders.
Bulk up the main body way more.
And if it’s water; white or blue with black and silver.

I like the idea but don’t like execution.

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Honestly i think it just looks like a mess of weapons randomly stuck together.

I ams revamping it from ur gais suggestions
Thanks for criticisms
More required and wanted plz

He has blades so he must be cool.