The Disney Topic

Don’t know if someone did this, but here’s a topic dedicated to all things the Disney company does. Anything Disney related from the classics to Pixar to the the parks to Marvel to Star Wars.

Disney have been buying companies over the years which limit some of Marvel and Star Wars creativity. I slowly dwelled away from the company but it’s handled much better than current Nickelodeon tbh.

If only Disney bought Bionicle so it could be handled well and last 3+ years.

No please. I like my Bionicle with my Lego.

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So it can be brought back to die in a year? lolololol

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I doubt Disney would give the same plastic quality.

Also, let’s not make this a second “disney buys bionicle” topic OK?

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Disney would probably make Bionicle into a cheesy animated show for Disney Junior /s

In all seriousness I think Disney’s doing an okay job overall. Their Movies, animated or not, are always exceptional, but some TV shows and Disney Channel Original Movies could be done a LOT better.

Plus I really hate how the $12 Star Wars action figures are elbow-less (not to sure if that’s Disney’s fault or Hasbro’s but I’m just saying…)


more likely. Disney just gives them the license.

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yeah the hasbro star wars standard action figures have been elbowless and kneeless for a while

it’s rather aggravating thinking how I have a buncha clones in that scale with as much articulation as the toa uniters


So I’ve noticed. I didn’t think I’d be saying toys were better ‘back in my day!’ when I’m only 18. :confounded:


Saw wreck it Ralph 2 today. I was pleasantly surprised. Not amazed, but pleasantly surprised. The end credit scene was very clever