The Division

The divison aka hoodies vs other hoodies aka destiny-but-with-modern-guns-kinda aka 3rd person cod but an rpg.

So which of ya’ll potato salads decided it was a good idea to buy this game on launch day instead of waiting on reviews from your favorite youtuberino/streamerino to tell you whether or not its good?

Because i sure did.

Is it aright? Is it gonna be alright? No one knows, I didnt play the beta because the lady sounded too mean to me, what are people’s thoughts on this game?

And I will hunt you down if you compare it to destiny.


Destiny is better.


I think the concept is cool, but the story is better fitted for a TV or Netflix series.

The Division so far looks very promising. I hope it turns out well cause I’m planning to buy it later this year if possible.

I don’t intend to buy it, but it seems very reminiscent of an Xbox One game.

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It looks like something that could be quite fun.
I probably won’t be playing it though.
Not enough money or time…

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bro it’s $69 at jb hifi

I’m hoping to grab it soon with @Takua and do some fun stuff with him.

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And that’s about $68.20 more than I’ve got right now…


I got it the day after so I didn’t get the hazmat kit. :. I have the worst timing. Anyone wanna party up for Xbox One? My gamer tag is Kopeke Nuva. I tried playing with @mesonak but he kicked me because he wasn’t try-hard enough.