The duel charcters have been finished aka moc showoff

here they are i have my pics i will upload more as i work on them more
(picture quality isnt good)
cameos and other characters have permission for me to use




Are they supposed to be skeletons or something?

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no it just the design i used inika build for to chris and hf build for toa fordian

Oh.... Well, they're mostly unarmored Inika builds.


eh... don't know if I should like or hate the human names

the mocs seem all over the place, seem abit confusing and skinny for inika builds. They're simple, but not in a good way

are you parts limited or do you atleast have a bin of technic or Bionicle/CCBS parts? I'm sure you can spruce it up

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the names arent mine there other peoples characters that im putting in the video and fordian is a herofacory build/ccbs with inika chestplate on

They could both use some work, like more armor, but this is a good start!

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yes i am possibly purchasing a broken makuta that will tear apart for parts and hopefully there will be parts in that i can use for armor

also if you think this is my best work it is far from it here is a link to my self moc kopari/trev44nuva

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Hey look, that's me! smile
Day = made