The Dwarven Doctor (Heroes of Ilira: A Royal Mess MOC)

Hagret Flinthind is a Dravolonian Dwarven physician who moved out of the mines to Melimore Grove in Gretsire for his semi-retirement. He hoped moving away from the mines and the constant cave-ins would mean a far lighter workload. He didn’t count on Gretsire’s highly athletic and injury-prone heiress Aeschild Langworth more than making up for that…

“I swear, young lady, I see you here more often than I see my own wife…”

“Have you considered something less strenuous, like… chess?”

“In just 18 years, you have probably broken more bones than most Dwarven miners have in over 100…”

The build is nothing special, but I wanted to build something to go with the Hagret Flinthide minifigure I made a while ago.

Also, Heroes of Ilira will return… if I can ever manage to draw in a cartoonish style for some webcomics…

The RP may also return too.


The build may not be “special,” but the lore more than makes up for it. Plus, come on, that window is neat!


oh hey right that was a thing…

nice moc though, I really like the floor details


Haha this looks pretty good. I like the details like the bottles and that window build. Cool little vignette!

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They’re not technically potions, since magic is heavily frowned upon in-universe. They’re just medicine.


Close enough

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