The E-41 combat droid and mech

hello everyone its me again so its been a while since I’ve been on here and a while since i even touched my big box o parts. but this week i changed this and put this guy together.

from the same company that brought you the E-30 mech now comes the E-41combat droid

the E-41 is a frontline combat droid armed with a 50. cal cannon and wrist mounted blade.

the droid also has a smaller droid used for recon and repairs. the smaller droid is stored on the upper back of the E-41.

the droid also has a pilot mode where its chest opens to allow room for one pilot while the smaller droid acts as frontal armour for the rider

heres some more pics


That droid looks pretty cool, and I like how it can be used as a mech suit
Nice work

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I really like everything about this. It’s overall consistent

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