The Earthen Beast (Onua '16 + Terak Combo)

so like
oh gosh
over a year ago now

i made a combo model of Onua Uniter and Terak

it's some sort of earth-y beast with a drill for a tail

the jaw is posable

Overall I'm not terribly proud of this combiner, but I figured I'd post it since I created it over a year ago.

anyway bye


"please end my agony"

Not too awful, but still leaves a lot to be desired. I do like the shaping of the midsection though.


Love the head.

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It's okay. I agree with @DannyBoyy that the head is cleverly done. My biggest issue is the body; the Onua-esque shaping doesn't work for me.

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Cool combiner! I think your parts usage is much better than my attempt at a combiner.

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Pretty good, and pretty solid. The hind legs (specifically the feet) don't look very good to me imo. Besides that, this is pretty good.

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The front leg and gap on the side is bother-sum, but it get the "hound" vibe going.
I like how the back portion was built.

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