The Elements, environments, and Toa

During the last podcast, I brought up in the chat the list of elements: Fire, Lightning, Water, Stone, Earth, Air. I figured I’d expound upon that, and answer Meso’s question about one of the biggest problems with redefining the G1/2 elements: what happens to the environments?

Element: fire

Environment: the Fire villagers live far underground, near the lava flows

Powers: fire is the temperature element, and can be used to increase heat and decrease it. In particularly hot environments, they can even cause the air to combust, enabling them to shoot jets of fire or make fireballs out of thin air. They cannot actually control fire, but they can light things on fire and quell flames by sucking the heat out of them. They can freeze things, too, by removing heat from them, though they aren’t as good at this.

Colors: red, azure (orange highlights)

Toa: Tahu

Personality: While Kopaka is patient, Tahu is very _im_patient. He wants to do everything fast, fast, fast. He’s also stubborn – his way is always the right way, and when the other Toa don’t agree with his ideas and he can’t convince them, he’ll try and go through with his way on his own anyway, which doesn’t always work so well.

I made them Toa of Heat instead of Fire, but then I made them cool by making sure they could still shoot fire.

Element: Lightning

Environment: the Lightning villagers live high on the mountain, which is a nice place to visit… except for the constant lightning storms.

Powers: can manipulate electricity and shoot lightning

Colors: white, yellow (light blue hightlights)

Toa: Kopaka

Personality: Kopaka will look at all sides of a problem before taking any action. The problem is, too often he spends way too much time doing this – he would spend 30 minutes finding a way to carry everything at once rather than five minutes to make two trips. This has led some to believe that he is lazy, but he simply tries to think of the best way to do things. Sometimes, though, the best way is to do something instead of sitting around thinking. Speaking of sitting, Kopaka will sit, sometimes sitting in a meditative pose for hours on end when he’s thinking about a problem. It’s a humorous sight to see him sitting so motionless that birds have landed on him (no one knows if he doesn’t care or doesn’t notice, as no one has ever asked).

Element: water

Environment: the water villagers live up north, in a frozen tundra.

Powers: Water is similar to the water powerset in Avatar, with both water and ice manipulation. Toa of Water cannot make water into ice without the aid of a Toa of Fire – but they can mold and manipulate existing ice. The water powerset often includes water breathing.

Colors: blue, orange (light green highlights)

Toa: Gali

Personality: Around others, Gali is shy and quiet, afraid to speak her mind. She is the wisest of the Toa, and often sees the best way to solve a problem before any of the others do, but she won’t speak up against the more outgoing and stubborn Toa like Tahu or Kopaka. The other Toa would benefit greatly from listening to her wisdom, but before they can do that, she must learn to share it.

(Side note: yeah, Gali and Kopaka’s elements don’t fit their personalities, but I didn’t want to switch their personalities, or make Gali white and Kopaka blue, so…)

Element: Stone

Environment: the stone villagers have made the broad desert their home.

Powers: they can manipulate rocks and sand.

Colors: Burnt Orange, Tan (red highlights)

Toa: Pohatu

Personality: Like G1 Pohatu, G4 Pohatu is very friendly and outgoing, and tries to make friends with everyone. He’s not afraid to say what he thinks, but he’s always willing to listen to what others have to say, too, and often encourages Gali to share her ideas.

Yeah, Stone didn’t change at all. Why fix what isn’t broke?

Element: “Earth”

Environment: The Earth villagers live on the plains and prairies.

Powers: Earth is not the earth we knew in G1/G2, but is more an element of the actual Earth. The powers of Earth include manipulation of nature, including dirt and plants(Dirt can join in since it usually has organic matter). Some Earth Villagers even have empathy with creatures and are able to communicate with them to some extent.

Colors: dark green, black (dark tan highlights)

Toa: Onua

Personality: Onua doesn’t talk a whole lot. To people, anyway. He’d much rather spend his time “talking” to plants and animals. He cares quite a bit about nature, and doesn’t like those who mess with it, but he’s not brave enough to confront others about it – he’s the type of guy who would watch a camper litter and not say a word, but instead take care of the litter himself. He tends to hold a grudge against those who damage nature, and does so by not speaking to them… which, since he doesn’t talk to others unless he has to anyway, can be hard to determine sometimes.

Element: air

Environment: the Air villagers live in the forests and in the treetops.

Powers: they can manipulate air. What’d you expect?

Colors: green, light grey (white hightlights)

Toa: Leia

Personality: The Toa of Air is adventurous, brave, daring, energetic and curious. Basically, G1 Lewa. Again, why fix what isn’t broke?



But will she be CG? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds good, and nicely thought out. Personally, I don’t like the idea of lightning as an element, but I do very much appreciate the thought which has gone into the temperature problem.

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