The Eljay Chronicles

Episode 1- Eljay Toa of the Canon(The True Story)

It was the year 2017 and Eljay was finishing up his last video for Recap Review. It would be the last Recap Review ever! He then went to his computer to upload the video. While it was uploading he decided to take a nap. When he awoke the world seemed different especially because he was in a cave. He got up and noticed that he seemed a lot taller. That was when he saw his hands! They were robotic and Eljay yelped in fright he looked at his legs and they to were robotic how ever they were also biotic. That whens a sudden realization hit him he was a bionicle. Eljay walked out of the cave to see a crowd of matoron at tye entrance and one Turaga. The Turaga then said " The prophecey is for filled all hail the Toa of Canon!" the Turaga then turned to Eljay and said " What is your name great Toa?" Eljay replied proudly " I am Toa Eljay!". The matoron chanted "Eljay, Eljay, Eljay." Eliay stood tall and proud his childhood dream was complete.

Episode 2- Makuta Mesonak

Eljay sat in the small hut the matoron had brought him to, thinking of reasons why he was here as a Toa. Then he remembered he had just uploaded the last Recap Review episode making him the only person to review every Bionicle set. He knew that it was why he is here but what must he do? Then he heard an explosion a matoron ran into the hut and breathlessly said " We are under attack Makuta Mesonak's Rakshi are destroying the village." Eljay jumped up immediately then stopped and thought did he say Mesonak? He put the thought aside and went to help the village. Outside was a war zone Rahkshi were every where. Eljay felt a sudden rush of power and 6 Toa appeared and attacked the Rahkshi quickly defeating them as soon as the Makuta's sons were defeated Eljay felt weak and passed out

Episode 3 The power of the Canon
Eljay awoke in a small hut the Turaga standing beside "So you are awake Eljay."
"What happened who were those Toa?"
"You should know Eljay you did summon them."
"What do you mean Turaga?"
"Ah so you do not understand your powers. Well you are lucky I do, since you are a Toa of Canon your power is nearly endless you can summon anything from this universe past or present to aid you. How ever you must provide the energy for these beings."
"How do you know all this?"
"Because Eljay I was once a Toa of Canon."
"Like me what is it like how do I use my powers?"
"That I will teach you during your training but first I must tell you why you are needed. As you know the evil Makuta Mesonak is raging war on us the last vilage. You, Eljay must stop him that is your destiny.
Episode 4 The Journey Begins
Eljay had been training for 4 days with the Turaga trying to understand his power and it was on that fourth day that he finished his training. "There is one final thing I teach you Eljay. Currently you must power your creations but I will teach you how to store energy in objects that can supply the power needed." said the Turaga.
"I would be honored wise one."
"Then let me teach you." and with that Eljay completed his training. The next day Eljay was sent on a quest to defeat the evil Makuta Mesonak but before he left the Turaga gave Eljay a strange gift " What is it?" Eljay asked curiously. " It is a stone embedded with power for providing you energy." the Turaga answered.
"Why thank you Turaga..., I just realized I don't know your name."
" Oh yes I am Turaga Varderan or var, I would love to continue but you must be off." And just like that Eljay Toa of the Canon set off on an epic quest to defeat the evil Makuta.
Episode 5 The Beginning of The End (Or maybe just The End)
Eljay's journey took him through deserts, jungles, mountains, and blizzards. The trip lasted 5 minutes. When Eljay arrived at the lair of Makuta Mesonak it's opening was a deep dark pit. The Toa of Canon jumped in landing softly as he created a pocket of air to smooth his descent. There was no light in the deep dark cave yet for some reason Eljay could feel the Makuta hiding in the dark. Suddenly 6 Rahkshi sprinted from the deep! I took Eljay seconds to defeat them. "So you have become very powerful Toa. Yet you cannot defeat me." a voice boomed from the dark.
Then there was sudden light in the room. Eljay saw Mesonak standing in front of him and did not know what to do Mesonak was a beastly Makuta. Then an idea popped into his head. He summoned Toa Takkanuva who had defeated Makuta Teridax. The Makuta and the Toa of light engage in battle. However it was clear Mesonak would prevail. The toll of supplying Takkanuva energy was nearly too much. Eljay needed a new plan and fast then it hit him. Eljay grabbed hold of the object Var had given him and summoned a giant potato ( this was requested) above the Makuta who had just struck down Takkanuva. It fell crushing Mesonak, but the shock was collapsing the cave! Using his Miru Eljay Toa of the Canon flew out of the cave saving him self. Then a strange white figure stood in front of him.
Epilogue What Just Happened
"What just happened?" Eljay asked as he awoke on his computer desk his Recap Review finished. Looking around Eljay thought aloud "I could have sworn that was real!". Sighing he said "Well I guess they probably had a bunch of podcasts without me. I guess I should check."
On a distant island- A strange tall figure laughed. " It may have cost me
Mesonak but it was worth putting the
Toa of Canon back into a dream world." The figure boasted. "Yes you are very wise and powerful master Venom very wise." a small hunchbacked figure praised. Venom laughed a deep hardy laugh.

To be Continued (Maybe)

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I want to point out that you probably meant canon.

Cannon refers to a type of weapon, and I have yet to see Eljay use a cannon, ever.

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Bro, u no ur TFWiki, m8? 8D

But yeah, story overall's an enjoyable read.

Thanks I did mean canon

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I will try to work it into the final battle of something.

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