The end of Toro toa of plasma?

I don’t know what happened. All I do know is When I got home some of my figures had fallen off their shelves and Toro’s mask had not only broken again but now the axle has broken off his mask and his chestplate has collapsed. Should I try and rebuild this figure or make a new toa of plasma?

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Ahhh nooooo, that sucks D:

Still it could be a nice excuse to make a new one.


Oof. If it’s possibly, I’d love to see him rebuilt. But a new Toa would also be nice.


considering it’s a 3d printed mask, glue would not be out of the question

however assuming this is not divine intervention and perhaps your house settling or a localized earthquake (or maybe you have a cat), I don’t see a reason for you to not, as long as you feel motivated to do so

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It will need more than glue. I already tried setting the axle back into place. The last resort I’m thinking about using some citadel green stuff to maybe fully secure and or recreate a new axle. PS the mask has broken 4 other times. And the resin chestplate broke this time too.