The eye devourer

It rips out the eyes of its victims and uses them for its own!

The idea for this build came from ‘the pale man’ from the movie ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’. with eyes that are on its hands!

Built for the BioCup 2019 Preliminary Round


Looks great, of course! It’s really creepy and well done, but I think you should put an unprinted muscle piece on the back.

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Those wheel pieces work really well as eyes… But why does he have eyes in the first image and does not in the other ones?

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I get what you mean!
He doesn’t use his eyes when his arms are lowered. the pieces I used for the eyes are gone in the other pics, because he is sort of like closing his eyes, that’s why you can’t see them.
Maybe it’s more understandible now :upside_down:

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