The Fast Food Topic

When I'm starving, I go to Maccas or any burger shop and order...
A burger.

But seriously, I am not into this kind of food. I, personally, like anything Asian, (gimme dem Singapore hoodoos). But eh, I do eat fast food once and then.

And my Grandmas Italian food. She lives in a different suburb of Australia tho. Meh.

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90% of the time, when I go out to eat, I go to proper resturants, I prefer the food there

Then there is my 18 year old brother, who goes to fast food resturants

dont get me wrong
I like my KFC once in a while, but macdonalds is horrific, and I avoid it at all costs.


and pizza

dear mata nui, I love pizza
and man, when I go to sicily to visit my aunts, and grandparents
they make homemade pizza

My mata nui
its so good.

but I do eat from pizza hut from time to time, but on the bright side, there is a ton of italian pizza
As a lot of italians and sicilians come to where I live

And by mata nui

The pizza here is 10/10

Specifically from one resturant called cibo.

wait, I have strayed away from fast food.

basically, I enjoy it once in a while, but dont indulge it everyday.
I much prefer fruit, veggies, and homemade stuff.


Well, there's this local chain called Burger-Fi...

About McDolands... not only it tastes.. Ehh.. but also recent polish advertisment for this fastfood showed false images of "how does they make their hamburgers"... well basicaly they faked bun(breadthing) making process

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I like Carl's juniors because they have great burgers

Hungry Jack's has Mango Fanta and really nice burgers, KFC has the best of chips (The seasoning is great!) and oh boy, Popcorn Chicken is fandangles.
McDonalds is horrific, but most of the time I'm eating good stuff at home or just some Chinese or Indian from up the road.

I do not eat fast food.
Unless this is a fast topic about food in which case we have plenty to discuss.


I'll quickly talk about ribs then stuck_out_tongue


When you want things like Burger King, or McDonalds, you want to look for corporal restaurants. They are kept up to date and have a standard to make the food fresh and actually fully cook it. The franchise restaurants are worse than the scene when Takanuva and Makuta battled in a game of Kolhii. Personally, I love Arby's because of obvious reasons (Delicious roast beef and curly fries <3)


I could eat nothing but Chinese food for the rest of my life and die happy.


I went to this Chinese place in Florence once.

Good Chinese food is really really good when you're in the mood. Conversely, bad Chinese food is the worst.


I love Jason's Deli, Panera/Paradise, and Einstein's Bagels (not sure if those qualify as fast food, but...).

I also really like Jimmy John's. That place is freaky fast food.

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duuude Einstein's Bagels

used to go there all the time when I was very young.


I hear that, generally, they’re relatively good, except in some special cases.


Wait, Einstein is fast food? I love Einstein, and I still go when I get the chance. I also like Atlanta bread Company, which is like Panera.


in the words of benny: CHIPOTLE! CHIPOLTLE!! CHIPOTLE!!!


We have one on campus!
But I don't go there often because it's on the opposite side as my dorm frowning

Chick Fil-A is the best fast food there is. In my town at least.

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I'm not sure if it counts as fat food, but Five Guys is amazing. Their stuff always taste super fresh and delicious! I think it's one of the best places to get traditional burgers and fries.