The fat Green Dragon moves into an old ruin

Been on this horrendous Lego Castle kick as of late. Got some sets for my birthday because of it. I don’t have any actual castles, just pieces from other sets, so I decided to make a lair for the old fashioned LEGO dragon I did have.

It’s quite a tall creation for me.

It is a lot of LEGO Star Wars and old BIONICLE playsets. The interior of the cave is completely empty save a loose treasure chest. I had to fit this clunky ol’ dragon in there somehow.

At least the dragon was courteous enough to keep the stairs there at the ancient ruin so adventurers could get his treasure. But unfortunately, this dragon is quite fat and does not want people taking his loot.

He tells the Paladin to scram, that he just wants to be left alone. However, the paladin mentions to the dragon that he ate two villagers the other day and that he has terrorized the local hamlet of Dert. The dragon twiddles his thumbs and says, “I guess I did kinda do that. But leave me alone anyways. I can do as I please.” That did not go down well with the paladin.

And so the dragon decided he was hungry again and wanted to teach a permanent lesson to the paladin. He threw the knight off his horse and the paladin fought valiantly.

But by himself, the paladin was defeated. As the dragon was about to eat him however…

A rogue jumps out of nowhere to save his friend, stabbing the dragon in the back. The dragon hisses, “after I eat him, you are next squishy one!”

Alas! Out of the woodwork came more heroes, who had used the paladin as a distraction to get the jump on the dragon. Soon the dragon was surrounded by a bard, a fighter, a ranger, and a wizard. He tried to flee, but was promptly slain by the adventurers.

With the dragon slain, the party delved into the dragon’s lair and took his chest of treasure. Victory!


The most impressive part is it all took place in australia!

Unfortunately there’s really not that much to look at here. A lot of the castle wall looks quite literally thrown together with a random placement for every single part, although the lower half of the wall is far more wall-like than the upper half. There’s also a good amount of pieces randomly strewn about on the baseplate to simulate rubble and ruin, but it gives off the impression of trying to use every single piece rather than adding to the scene.

And here comes the hardest part about critiquing a build when the builder has a very limited number of pieces: How do you recommend improvement with only what’s shown?

Stack the 1-4 arch above the doorway. Then, the 1x4 wall panel with arch window on top of that. This gives a more defined appearance to the front and the form of the ruin makes more sense. You can slope the decaying walls from there, or have that be a steeple and build up points of the corners of the wall instead. The random 4x at least 12 baseplate sticking up behind the set also really isn’t helping its appearance.

Man I just love the classic dragon. So goofy and so well-sculpted.


that do be a beefy party sniff

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Ngl, I was kind of rooting for the Dragon


The name implied this was going to by a children’s book.

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Yeah I was going for a rubbly brick texture for the walls but I guess it didn’t work out. I assure you it was not random but I can see why it looks that way. I’m not much of a system MOCer in general though. So forgive me for my n00b mistakes!

I do too. I have two of them because I just love them that much.