The favorites, part six: Terrian, Amazonian General

Hello again and welcome back to the series where I show off some of my favorite mocs. K don’t really have much to say about this one. The Torso is a bit finicky and hard to put back together, but otherwise it’s pretty sturdy. Anyway, here she is!

And now the silhouette:

I bet no one will know what that is. Anyway, that’s it, comments and criticisms appreciated, see ya 'round!


It doesn’t really get how this is an “Amazonian General,” but it’s a cool MOC nonetheless. I like the custom head and torso!

I also like how you gave her only one arm; I don’t see that often

She’s not Amazonian in the sense of the Amazon rainforest, it’s more like the Amazonian warriors who were all female. Amazonian is actually just her species, which are all females


Very neat MOC. I quite like the head design, although the torso proportions seems a bit … off.

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Wowie. The head is big brain part usage, torso is solid design even if it doesn’t fit under the stereotypical ‘female’ proportions. Legs good as well. I assume the feet are wip? Will you change the feet to be matching?
Might be a cool to make some of her minions/clan to supplement?


Actually, I’m currently using my other one of those blue daggers for another moc. The idea is that when her arm was taken off her foot was damaged as well. Also, the other tribe members would look just like her, accept they would be symmetrical and would have a core color other than purple, and unfortunately I don’t have the pieces to make any others like her. Thanks for the feedback!

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Very nice. The use of the Nuva armor on the torso is slick, and the head is a great design. One arm is very unique. The thighs are a bit short and dull, I guess, but otherwise it looks good to me.

Also, Barraki tooth toe(s) = 10/10.


Cool build, really dig that head design, how did you get the horns to attach from the in side? nice feet, would be great to see her with both arms and feet :stuck_out_tongue:

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