The Fear v2

Legend tells of a being who’s name strikes fear into the hearts of even the toughest and one glimpse of it could turn a man insane.
This is just a quick little moc I made and I decided to post it here.

Feel free to critique and comment


The horns look a bit off. Other than that, it’s a pretty cool MOC, with my favorite part being the wings. :smile:



I like the wings

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The mask doesn’t fit very well IMO, but apart from that, looks awesome!

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For once, red axles look right on a MOC that isn’t Mata red primarily.

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The fear is real
I really like the wings


What would you suggest that I use?

The overall look of this MOC is very cohesive and I like the look those wings give him a lot.

Hmm I like this MOC.
I find the mask does not work the best, but it’s okay.
He is a little on the simple side; when it comes to the body, but it looks good anyway.
Dem wings are amazing. You won’t have any problems if I use a similar design on my new self MOC, will you?
The Black works well but I kind of wish there was a little more red on him.
Overall I find this MOC to be pretty groovy man. :+1:

Of course you can’t use the design!!
Just kidding go ahead I’m glad you like it. Also how do you think he’d look if I added trans apple green to the color scheme?

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That would be slick. :+1: Now it is slick.

Hmm that sounds like it would be groovy, but we shall see.

Yeah that looks completely groovy man. The Mask works way better, and trans apple green really adds to him. Great work @Umarak.

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Thanks man

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I love the painted protector mask

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Hey there Pekekoa.
Oh wait, that isn’t a demonic Avocado?
Fantastic none the les…

I like the overall look of the moc, except for the mask as I feel it does not look menacing enough

i like it a lot but it sort of looks like Umarak from a parallel universe

I will build a “Living Fear”, if I get Tahu’16 and Ikir, but that looks neat! I will compete with this! :slight_smile: