The Fellowship of the Ring

Hello everyone on the Boards!

I recently did my own rendition of the Fellowship of the Ring.

This was for a class, but I had a lot of fun designing these characters in my own way.

I tried incorporating a lot of my own ideas of how I’d like to see these characters as well as trying to make their visual designs fit their individual stories more. For example, I wanted to try and make elves more distinct from humans (the elves of Mirkwood especially), so Legolas has a much more inhuman and darker feel to him.

I played pretty loosely with proportions to make Aragorn and Boromir stand out from each other; Boromir is very much the “tank” of the group and he’s physically imposing while I leaned much more into Aragorn’s rugged “Strider” persona.

Gimli is much more decorative, displaying his dwarven pride, which contrasts nicely against his eventual infatuation with elvish culture.

I mostly played with shape and size for the hobbits, and I think you can tell who is who.

Of course, it didn’t feel complete without a Gollum sneaking around, so I did my own version of him as well.

These were super fun to design and depict in my own style! If you can guess who my favorite member of the Fellowship is, you get the cookie this time: :cookie:

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These are really good! I like how you made Frodo look super gaunt and kind of vacant, great job!

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I rather like these renditions! Legolas’s eyes are slightly disturbing, though.

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Awesome and book accurate/10.

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Why are you so awesome?
This is absolutely great, I want to print it and add somwhere into my LotR book (maybe even as cover). My only concern would be the size of Hobbits: is it me, or are they too small? They are close to 1/2 of Gimli’s height, though I always thought of them as same. More like Gremlins or something…
I think your favorite character is Gandalf, as he is the only one whom you didn’t mention in the description:).

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