The Fifth Age


The concept here is very interesting, and the artwork is very nice…

…until you get to the legs.


Like, I honestly can’t tell what’s happening here. The armored knee protruding makes it look like one leg is in front of the other, so the question is: Which knee is it?

The shaping of the entire lower half of the body made me believe this is the right leg, with the blue cloak covering the left one as the figure awkwardly strides across the countryside like he needed to pee for the last hour and a half.


But then there’s a problem: That extra formation on the front mail, which implies this forward leg is the Left one and the _Right one is striding in a much more natural position, as well as the small section of red implying a second knee.


But that would be physically impossible for a figure with that size of midsection tohave that small of hips, and so very off-center. But the evidence is compelling, which means the shaping of the blue cloth os for a hip that doesn’t exist. Or does it? Perhaps this chap has three legs, two hidden in shadow?


More theories conjur themselves but each is more unworkable than the last. No odd contortion of physical posture can meet this position without severe malformation, and I’m left shuddering and shaking at my corkboard and red yarn wrapped deftly around a series of pictures, anatomical reference books, and remains the only thread sustaining my shattered psyche, any hope of sanity lost amidst the swirling sea of madness conjured up by this strange man and his many legs.

TL;DR I think the legs need work.


I actually referenced an action figure for the pose, so I’m pretty certain the legs are accurately positioned, but the cloak definitely makes it hard to tell. I probably could have made that clearer. The right leg is in front, and it is constructed something like this

I appreciate the feedback though! I’m not really sure how to make the pose clearer than it is given the clothing.
Edit: wait, it may be that i shaded the chain mail wrong


Hmmm, Tolkien with flintlocks… gears turning in head
That would be an interesting idea for a setting where Saruman’s industrialization efforts spread beyond Mordor.

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