The First: Entry Toa Helryx

Before you take a look at my MOC I want to make a few things clear.

  1. The quality of the pictures is bad. I had very shaky hands when taking these.
  2. I had not built a MOC for a few years until now. The last one I made before this was back in 2016.

Now that I already rambled my MOC into a bad position I hope you can still enjoy it for what it is.


Torso design:

To create this MOC I took parts from most of my blue Bionicle sets. The MOC actually has two secondary collors. Black dominates the upper body half, as well as the weapon, while silver covers the lower half.
I gave Helryx an additional trident, mainly for decorative puroses. Please tell me if you think it should be removed.


very cool to see a blend of the 2015 gearbox with the limbs of the inika build, best of luck!

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Thank you😊.
But to be honest I don’t think it has actually a chance considering the competition. I made this one mostly for fun.

I recommend getting a tripod, or at the least stacking some books up to get a good flat surface. Does wonders for my own photoshoots, even though I’ve switched to a smartphone that doesn’t actually plug into it.

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@Gringat Thanks for the tip. I might reshoot the model on the weekend.