The First: Helryx Contest Entry June 2020

This is my entry for the Helryx Canon Contest, I had an idea, and put it together shortly after being announced. It has, however, been disassembled (see picture 7). The model contains 124 pieces, most from 8533 Gali; 8735 Nokama Hordika; and 8914 Hahli Mahri.
For functions, the gear does work to make the left arm swing, but the only way to jam it is to use the hooks on the back. The shield wings rotate manually, and the shield can be reconstructed to shoot Rhotuka Spinners. The 10L axle can be removed to use the mace as a flail.
As far as aesthetic, the bushings are kind of ‘stripped’ casing or extended bolts; the hooks on the back are both ornamentation and swimming rudders; the Gali Mistika armour works as epaulets; and the feet could have been dark blue, but I used regular blue, since the torso was not (at least the pins blend). A Rau Hordika has been used as a placeholder mask (It attaches differently, that’s why no eyes, but the blank eyes do add something).
The only real flaws are the limited hip articulation, the stability, and the lack of a trans piece for eyes, and that the mask wobbles.

If you count the pieces, 1 2L black axle was stuck in the Mata Torso.
I hope that you like this, and if it doesn’t win; maybe it can be a disguised Gorast from Brothers in Arms.


Just a reminder, we’d really appreciate if you included the contest name in the title. I’ll go ahead and add it. And don’t forget to post a link to the topic in the contest topic!

Best of luck!

Interesting shield rohtuka spinner. Mace looks nice with the chains and all. Surprised you gave her high heels lol. Not what I expected to see on her but still, good work!

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