The First, Part 2 - Helryx Art Contest Submission by Risebeller

Here is MY drawing of Double’s Helryx. Rest in peace Hoseryx.

The mask is Galva’s, from thingiverse


Looking good! I especially love how you redesigned her torso and shoulders.


This art does a great job of reinterpreting the MOCs details and adding to/improving the design without straying too far from the source material either.

I hope it wins!

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who is Risebeller

Looks alright, if a bit static. The leg shaping seems a bit weird to me.

Love the wires, I think they frame the character very well.

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That looks gorgeous! My only complaint is Galva’s mask, it doesn’t Mach the MOC whatsoever…

this is some great art, well done!

I’m glad someone finally used Galva’s mask in the art round; it’s by far my favourite.

She looks legitimately threatening here, whihc works for her character. I also like how you’ve managed to make her look a little less hunch-backed, without removing the hunch completely.


I love the flow of the shoulder pieces into the gauntlets, the shapes there are so good.

This has such a good silhouette to it, everything fits together really well!

Nice job, dude!


this art kicks serious (insert expletive here)


The emotion is strong with this one.

It also looks like Helryx and an expression that she would wear.

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