The First, Part 2 - Helryx Art Contest Submission - G1 Canon Contest



Here is my submission for the Helryx Art Canon Contest. To communicate the fact that she is the first Toa, coming from the earliest reaches of the Bionicle universe, I have emulated a MNOG style (the earliest reaches of our Bionicle experience).

I drew her in MNOG style, and then added texture to bring out the rusted, battle hardened, scratched, ancient look. It’s worth zooming in to see the textures added.

The background is inspired from the time we met Tahu in MNOG (that eyes flashing, look-back scene) to keep in line with the mysterious quality of Helryx and how it must feel to meet her for the first time (or first time since amnesia).

Credit for this fantastic mask of Psychometry to KhingK:


You gotta wait til the mask contest is over bro

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this is the mask contest


I hope you get the win

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Wasn’t there supposed to be a contest deciding the canon appearance of the Mask of Psychometry first and then a contest deciding the canon depiction of the winning MOC with said mask?
I am confusion.

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They are one and the same

Nope, they are one and the same. 2 in1.

So the art contest is starting now?

Pretty sure you can’t use other artist’s mask designs. That’s for the KhingK to submit. Ask @Eljay to clarify what the rules are though, I’m not sure of the ruling here.

Gotcha, I could’ve sworn there were supposed to be two seperate contests for the mask and the moc with the mask, but I must have read something wrong.

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He’s good.


Be sure to submit your entry in the art topic if you want it to be included BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First, Part 2 (Art)


The MNOG and Mata Nui Saga-esque style was the perfect direction to take this. It makes the whole picture seem ancient.


The mask doesn’t have any holes for the hoses

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Thanks for entering! We will need you to link the free source for that mask, then we’ll be able to accept it. Thank you!

Fantastic work, love the artstyle!


@Sokoda Thank you so much!

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This is awesome! Love it

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@Toa_Jakami Appreciate it, thanks bro :slight_smile:

Yeah the art contest is deciding the masks appearance