The First, Part 2 - Helryx Art Contest Submission - Helryx by Hephaestus

Hello There!!
Here is my submission for the Helryx Art Canon Contest.
The style I chose is reminiscent of the official comic book Bionicle from DC comics.
The mask design is inspired by the mask of the turaga Dume, but has some customs elements.
Well, this is my first art for a long time, and I really tried to recreate the atmosphere of comics and I hope you like it!


The posing and proportions are odd. I don’t understand the massive squat she’s taking, but design-wise I don’t think you’ve taken any questionable or outrageous artistic liberties. It’s a decent and faithful interpretation of the original moc. I also love the inspiration from Carlos D’anda’s art style. Good job.


I actually like your design for the mask - it’s simple, but it feels right for Bionicle, and fitting for a Toa of Water. As Volans said, though, the posing and proportions of the full drawing are very odd. It checks off all of the boxes of what the MOC looked like, but manages to look and feel entirely different in an offputting way.


I was initially skeptical of her mask when I saw the first image (I was getting massive xenomorph vibes), but when when I got to the standalone mask art, I was surprised by how much I liked the simplicity and elegance. It comes across very much like a 2001-style Kanohi and I definitely wouldn’t mind owning a mask in this shape to MOC with. The comic style itself is wonderful (like @TeeVolans said, the Carlos D’Anda inspiration is prominent and well-orchestrated), despite my misgivings about spindly limbs. Best of luck!