The First Resistance (RP topic)

“What you are doing is a massive health risk”

Styrke released a barbaric roar as he smashed a Xir’algath’s head in.
“I don’t care!”

“you may not your loved ones would”

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Styrke stopped when Ayet said these words.
“My lived ones, they are dead. You know why? Because the Xir’algath killed them! And I will not let their deaths go unavenged!”

“And would they want you to end up looking like mincemeat?”

“I would still do it, for them.”

Meanwhile, Jonathan was scrambling madly across the Battlefield, dodging the Xir’algath attacks. He was the one who was truly out of his element here, forget Styrke.

“Oh well, don’t expect to have your remains honoured”

Ayet loosens a bolt at the Xir’algath harassing Jonathan

“Thanks!” Jonathan gasped as he was saved by the Xir’algath. He then dove behind a boulder for cover.
Martha and Dr. Zed, however, almost immediately seized the chances to start fighting. They grabbed the closest nearby weapons and started shooting at The Xir’algath.

Kyran slammed his staff into the ground, a shockwave of bright light energy rushing towards a nearby group of Xir’algath.

The Xir’algath were knocked back, before one of them rose back up and slashed at Kyran with a bladed hand.

Kyran blocked with his staff, before summoning a fireball and throwing it at the alien.

The Xir’algath was struck by the fireball, but seemed largely unaffected. He then formed his fists into spiked clubs and swung at Kyran.

Ciestaal would encounter a Xir’algath charging towards him.

Kyran dodged.
“For goodness’ sake.” He told the alien.
“Why don’t we resolve this peacefully?”
He slammed the staff into the ground, opening a crevasse beneath the alien.

The Xir’algath roared in response.

nahn ln nastaslim. sawf tamut jamie!” he hissed, swinging a mace formed from his hand at Kyran. As he began to charge, however, he fell through the hole.

Kyran chuckled.
“They always fall for it.”
He turned towards another Xir’algath and sent a flurry of magical knives at the alien.

The Xir’algath was stabbed by these wounds, and left stunned long enough for Kyran to make another attack.

The air in front of him would appear to solidify into red energy, and a spike wall would come out barreling towards the Xir’algath.

The Xir’algath was impaled by the spike wall, squirming eagerly to free itself.

The wall would wrap around him, shrinking as it did so.

The Xir’algath was crushed, before another attempted to slash Ciestaal from behind while he was distracted.