The First Resistance (RP topic)

Year: 1969 (In Earth time)…

At the center of our Universe, there is a very special planet, known as Lamurix. It is a sanctuary, a world where beings from many different planets and cultures come to live together in peace, under the supervision, guidance and leadership of The Council of Life, a powerful race of godlike beings. Lamurix has been at peace for almost the entire time since its founding, and there have practically been no wars or conflicts. However, there is something coming soon, something dark and sinister, and the citizens of Lamurix will have to band together to combat this threat.

We now begin our tale on a normal, peaceful morning on Lamurix, which just so happens to be on the day of the planet’s annual ball…



Surius wanders around, checking to make sure no one took advantage of the big day to commit heinous acts.

Ciestaal meditates at the top of a building, reaching out into the aura of the planet.

Jonathan Servastus awoke, sitting up in his bed and stretching a bit. He then got ready for the day, donning his suit and heading out the door. “Morning, Jonathan!” A neighbor said as he walked by. Jonathan waved to the neighbor. “Morning to you as well.”

“Are you excited for tonight’s ball?”

“Of course. I have been looking forward to it all year!” Jonathan said excitedly.

“Think you’ll get a girl?”

Jonathan shrugged. “Eh, I don’t know. I guess we’ll just have to see…” he said as he continued along his way.

Inlenor walked around the the city, she kept an eye out for any Celestial, as one of those things would be the last thing she wanted to meet. She sighs as she walked, wondering if her kind would ever rise again and earn the previous glory they had once receive.

She might see Surius walking around, in all his mechanical looking form, looking for potential lawbreakers.

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Inlenor spies the automaton and instinctively hides her face, before she realizes that’s it’s not a Celestial. She lets out a relieved sigh, before walking again.

Seeing her hesitance and hiding, he walks up. “You are acting suspicious. Please state your name and business, so as to prove your innocence.” He ‘asks.’

“I am Inlenor, my business is my own decisions. As by acting suspicious in what way do you mean?”

“Actively avoiding showing your face, slowing when you saw me, acting, overall, like you have something to hide.” He said, his eyes not changing, nor his tone. “As such, suspicious behavior.”

“I thought you were someone I recognized, and long story short it would be very awkward if we met, so I instinctively hid my face. Perhaps you are over analyzing your surroundings.”
She was a little more comfortable then before, and showed to no signs of lying.

After a moment of silence, Surius moved on. “Carry on, then.” He stated, going back onto patrol.

Inlenor carries on and walks away.

As Jonathan walked along, he tipped his hat to Inlenor as he passed her. “Good day, Madam.” He greeted.

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Inlenor glances at him, before continuing on.

Jonathan continued on his way, before arriving at the laboratory nearby.

Surius glances at him, then continues looking around for troublemakers.

Surius might find two punks shoving a man back and forth between each-other.

Surius walks up to them. “You are assaulting another resident of the city.” He says. “Cease before action must be taken.”

“And what are you going to do about it?” one of them asked as he shoved the man again.

Meanwhile, in the Realm of Life…

The 6 highest angels of the council of life sat at their table. “Ayet!” Michael called, summoning his advisor.

“Speaking your grace…”
Most angels had adopted vaguely human forms after the first few encounters Ayet however was disturbing to behold their body was a trembling mass of golden threads
“…what is your command?”