"The First" Toa Helryx contest.

This is my first post (and I had a super rough time figuring how to do it).

So this is my version of Toa Helryx. I accidentally incorporated the golden color to it, but I believe it kind of works. It gives me the idea that once, she used to have more of it.
I tried her to look broken, rusty, asimetric and a little bit “turaga’ish”.
Hopefully you like the result. I definetly do, and whatever the outcome is to the contest, I really enjoyed the process.
All that’s left is wait… and bleed. lmL

Here’s a little size comparison with one of my favorite Toa.

Here’s the breakdown of the torso. I believe its clear enough. If not… well, just let me know n.n


Very original design for the body and limbs. It’s so mechanical looking, which is really cool.

I personally prefer more color in my builds. But I don’t think they make those parts in many colors, so you had to go that route. Either way, this is an awesome MOC.

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I don’t think I’ve seen a torso constructed quite that way before, good job!


I really like this one, I’d love to see it win!

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Thank you n.n actually i’m happy with the colors. I feel like she should’ve lost most of it in battles

@HeadsintheLethe It took weeks before i was happy with it XD

@ToaOfPlastic It would be amazing! Thank you :grin: i hope the others like my moc that much

Please don’t triple post. -Eljay

Very good use of ccbs and technic!

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