The First Toa, Helryx - Leader of the Order (Contest Entry)

Before The Mahri, Before The Metru, Before The Mata, She was there in the beginner as the first of her kind, the Toa that also a Toa of Water.

Her Toa Tools are the Aqua Mace, a weapon more dangerous than any other Toa of Water’s Toa Tools, and her Sponge Shield to defend blows for any enemy’s weapons.

Her mask is the Kanohi Maindo, The Great Mask of Psychometry.

360 view:





Size Wise:

The Leader of The Brotherhood vs The Leader of The Order

The First Toa meets the First Gojira

Build wise:

Since she is used a “older” version of my Toa build, the parts to build her are parts that you already have or not.


Interesting design, I like it overall but I feel like the shield would look more natural if it was built/posed with the heavier end being held upwards, if that makes sense. That way the more armored part would be closer to her center of mass to defend against blows.

I love the mask you used, it has a cool color scheme as well, personal preference, I might recommend a neon orange eyestalk (if you have one), it would definitely highlight the eyes and mask.

Best of luck!

Hey, thanks for entering!

Unfortunately, we can not accept this entry yet as none of the required three breakdown photos are present. If they’re added within the next two days, we can accept it.

Thank you!

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one of the more interesting designs; shame they decided to fall on tradition and select a more basic one