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My idea for a flag of the moon (made in adobe illustrator)
Flag of the Moon_Moon1

  • The flag is 6x9 inches, in reference to the fact that humans first visited the moon in 1969.

  • 12 stars representing the 12 people who have been to the moon

  • Stars are international orange, the color of many space suits

  • Black background represents space

  • White circle represents the moon

  • Green and blue crescents represent the crescent phases of the moon, as well as the colors of Earth

Comments are Criticisms are appreciated!


Simple and effective, not bad, I like it. Though initially I thought it was an alternate universe flag for Pepsi. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe if the white portion was a bit more grey or a crater design in it would avoid that? Or I’ve been brainwashed by marketing too much.


I don’t know if I misread this or if this implies there are multiple moon flag variants with different phases on it.

whoops, I meant to say “crescent phases” :grin:

Can you fix Florida’s flag? It really is just a seal on a bedsheet.

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That describes half of the state flags, honestly. So many of them aren’t creative and really need reworked. While I haven’t seen any for Florida, I’ve seen quite a few interesting designs for Pennsylvania, my home state, usually involving shaping the flag like the state or adding in a keystone.

And, as a PSA to anyone who makes flags, if you do one for PA, don’t use the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell represents Philadelphia more than anything. If you want to represent the whole state, use a keystone.


simple solution for florida is to make the saltire orange and replace the seal with a yellow sun


ngl, I kind of like Florida’s flag. Sure it’s a seal on a bed sheet, but it still stands out from some of the other state flags.

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we need a flag of spherus magna

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mata nui is communist?

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smh, couldn’t be bothered to find a star LEGO piece