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i like baklava

i make my own omelettes sometimes
the big mac sauce is good

I’ll eat almost anything, except cheese flavored crackers. I hate them. With a passion. Idk why. Maybe it’s that it’s not real cheese.

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i like everything pretty much

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:hand_splayed: high five!

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Fact: provolone is best cheese for grilled cheese

Nah, Swiss for life

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Eh, Swiss is a little too sharp imo. I don’t mind sharp cheese, but there have to be multiple other flavors too.

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I study at a culinary school, work seasons (and soon full-time) in different restaurants and cook quite a lot at home. So I thought I would share some pics of the foodz I haz cooked. Because the only thing I hunger for more than food is likes.

Raspberry glazed Sablé Breton with roasted macadamia nuts, lemon- and timut peppercurd. Served with a raspberry and timut pepper powder, dark chocolate, sour dough bread and a raspberry sorbet

Salmon tartare with roasted coriander seeds, orange and red grapefruit. Served with trout roe, a basil emulsion and fried rice paper

Pistachio spongecake, lingonberry, dark and white chocolate, crumbs and a sour cream ice cream. Decorated with various herbs and flowers.

Lingonberry and blueberry sorbet, beetroot and star anise foam. Served with dried lingonberries, blueberries and beetroot chips

Yoghurt mousse served with a sea buckthorn coulis and buckthorn foam. Licorice and buckthorn meringue and a hazelnut biscuit

Spring chicken, chicken liver cremé and artichoke pureé. Served with a dark chicken broth, pickled horseradish, chive oil and crispy chicken skin.

Fried catfish, browned almond butter and grilled cabbage. Served with sliced winter radish, chervil and a horseradish emulsion.

Rye bread topped with creme fraiche, red onion, roe and herbs. The blurring is to hide the name and place of the restaurant I spent the summer working in.


The question is why is your hotdog wet? :thinking:

Shake it off when you take it out of the pan.

Barbeque them

In my experience they dry out and split.

I could not find any other topic related to this, so here we go.

Is there any weird foods combinations you like, but most people say it doesn’t work, or is even gross?

I personally like mixing Peanut Butter with Honey on a slice of bread. I know, sounds weird, but It tastes pretty good!

Share your weird food combinations that you like!

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Cornflakes/popcorn waffles x everything.

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Mustard + brownies. I used to eat mustard on strawberries

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Tofu for breakfast

I wouldn’t say peanut butter and honey is weird. I love toasted sandwiches with the two.


Home fries and hollandaise sauce. Best side to an omelet for any morning.


I love mustard, but you just got me queasy.
@Yveran That doestn sound weird at all.

In the spirit of the season, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and gravy all in a sandwich.

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