The Fools of Misfortune - Poster by PN99

Hello everyone on the Boards!

After an exciting two weeks, I’ve finally finished the group poster for my D&D campaign I play with my friends, known henceforth as the Fools of Misfortune campaign!

From left to right we have:
Our DM
Mildri Fjordfaller, human Barbarian
Hua Ming, half-elf Wizard
Damian Drost, human Cleric
Ruden Ebner, aasimar Paladin
Shae Nemesis, dragonborn Fighter

Though once they were wanderers, alone and on the run, these individuals would find themselves bound together by fate as war comes to ravage their homelands.

This just in. Shae has just died. Dang it.

This poster’s completion comes at quite an exciting time for me. In terms of the campaign itself, we’ve just finished an intense arc that brings us into the greater main story, which is always thrilling. In terms of myself, I’ve finished the process of changing my major at my university so I can finally focus more on my art. There’s no better feeling than working toward something you’re very passionate about.

Thanks everyone for viewing, if you read any of this, here’s your cookie: :cookie:

As always,
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Thanks for the cookie!

Dangit, all this amazing digital art is making me wish for my own drawing tablet.
Well done! I love the cartoony style this has.


I am envious, this is really well done. Love the colors and style here!


That dragon…? is cool! Is the guy on the left some sort of a villain?

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Enjoy it. They aren’t cheap, you know.

It’s dangerous to art alone, here, take this:

It’s probably cheaper than the cookies.

Thanks, it’s a bit of a new(ish) style for me. Leans a bit more towards realistic than what I’ve done before, but I always did love the cartoon lines and shading.

Danke, Cronk! I did work pretty hard to get the colors to work well in this one, glad you like them!

Dragonborn. Half dragon, half human. They’re weird.

But thanks! My friend who plays him really likes how he turned out too.

And the guy on the left is actually our DM. Not really a villain, but he plays the role of everyone else in the game, including the villains.

But he does occasionally take pleasure in our suffering…

Thanks everyone!

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