The Forgotten Legend: Part 1

I wrote this as a test, to see if I am able to write something decent set in the Bionicle universe with some characters that I based off a few MOCs that I have built recently.

*The Forgotten Legend: Part 1

It’s a dark and dank night in the village of Aroua. Zerross, a bounty hunter who works for the Collective of Spherus-Magna, was sent to find a trickster toa called Roua. Each step he takes in the wet mud of this matanui-forsaken village, attracts even more matoran and agori to his presence. They wonder why this bounty hunter was in their village, wondering who he was sent here to find. A small, scrawny, almost broken agori, limps over towards Zerross, And declares: “My name is Kirbold and I am the leader of this village. I am not so certain why you are barging into our village, trespassing into our home. I know you were sent by the Collective, but why are you here? who are you looking for?”. Zerross looks confused, wondering why this little, broken agori thinks that he deserves to know the reasoning of his presence. Zerross responds directly: “I am here to find this so-called trickster toa, Roua’’. You can hear audible gasps coming from the agori and matorans voice boxes. Kirbold nervously responds: “Roua? We haven’t seen him since he was a young matoran. Why may you be asking?”. Zerross responds: “I was sent here to retrieve him, for the Collective’’. Zerross catches by the corner of his visual processors, a few agori running towards a certain hut on the east side of the village. Kirbold sees that Zerross saw that. In an attempt to distract the hunter, he bravely pulls out a dagger and runs at Zeross with all of his might. Screaming at the top of his voice box. He attempts a strike to Zerross’s torso, which the bounty hunter easily dodges, by taking a quick step to the side. Kirbold, falls to the ground, out of breath, then stands back up. He says: “The Collective will not take away our free will and we will not let you take our only chance for our survival”. The rain dripping down his armor, Zeross smiles and chuckles. He uses his mask’s power to teleport behind Kirbold. He snaps the agoris neck and lets his mechanical body drop to the wet and muddy ground. The matoran and agori around him looked at him with fear and shock in their eyes. Zerross finds their fear funny. He smiles, walking towards the reason he was sent there, the trickster.

Zerross walks over to the hut that Roua was in. The agori around it, scatter away in terror. He kicks down the door. The thin wooden slab falls to the ground, making a loud noise once it reaches the ground. Zerross looks around the small room, realizing that Roua was able to make a quick escape. He hastily turns around, receiving a strike to the face. Confused, Zerross falls to his knees. He hears a faint voice saying: “Hey, Get back up, if you came here for a fight, you’re going to get what you came here for”. Zerross looks up and doesn’t see anybody in front of him. He quickly feels a tight feeling around his neck and discovers that he is being held in a chokehold. He sees a bright orange and dark blue on his opponents forearm. From what he has read about the trickster, he knows who he is fighting. Zerross quickly teleports on the open space above Roua and strikes him down with a punch to his head. Roua falls to the ground, shortly concussed. Zerross smiles: “So, that’s all you got, trickster”. Roua, with his ears ringing, falls one knee on the ground. Pulls out his blade, jumps back up onto the wall, and strikes Zerross with his blade on his shoulder. Zeross, in a fit of rage, picks Roua by his neck and kicks him out of the hut, making a toa sized hole in the wall. Roua tumbles on the ground, until he loses momentum and stops. He gets back up and says: “You’re going to have to do much more than that to kill a toa of plasma”. Zerross steps out of the hole in the wall that he made and pulls out his axe. He starts running towards Roua and teleports behind him, hitting him on his shoulder, chipping a small chunk of it off. Roua quickly turns invisible and starts running away. Zerross sees the foot prints he’s making in the mudd and teleports in front of him. He takes his axe and strikes Roua diagonally in his back. His body reveals itself and falls lifeless onto the ground. Zerross laughs and says “All talk, no game”. He walks away from this village and hears footsteps behind him. He looks to see who it is. Shocked, he sees that it is Roua wearing a kanohi Iden, the mask of spirits, which lets him temporarily remove his spirit from his body, which is what he did when the bounty hunter “killed” him. Zerross, confused, throws his axe at Roua, which he easily dodges. Roua runs towards Zerross and momentarily turns invisible, which gives him a chance to jump up and strike Zerross, knocking his mask off. The bounty hunter falls to the ground on both knees, with a look of great disappointment on his face. Roua puts his kanohi Huna back on and crouches down to look at Zerross and says: “Next time you are sent to kill a toa, tell your leader that she shouldn’t mess with me”. Roua picks up Zeross’s reforged kanohi Kualsi and turns back around and kicks him in the face. He falls to the ground unconscious.

Zerross wakes up in front of the Collectives palace, he looks up and sees his leader, the Great Being of Perfection: Ora.

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